October 1, 2010

Think Pink

October is the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a group of bloggers, organized by the incredible Patricia, Mrs. Blandings, are posting in PINK!

Coincidentally, pink happens to be one of the colours I love the most. It’s cheery in its brightest forms like this vibrant hot pink Prada that Gwyneth Paltrow wore to an awards show several months ago.Gwyneth-Paltrow-Pink-Prada-DressBut it can be very sophisticated like the pale pink that Gwyneth wore in this ill-fitting Ralph Lauren gown. Gwyneth_comp_gallery__600x400 In decorating, pink can really warm up a room and give it a beautiful glow. Check out the pink hounds-tooth curtains. This is from an old Oprah magazine.hotpinkoprah01Pink and black can have a retro look, mimicking the look of mid-century children’s books, like Eloise.pink room-alanna cavanagh But it’s very easy to go overboard, like this!cute-girl-pink-room Or like an all Barbie-pink, shabby-chic, faux-Paris-theme house I recently heard about.

Think pink, but keep it sophisticated.


  1. One cannot deny that one of the all-time greatest homages to the color pink occurred in the movie "Steel Magnolias"... where Shelby (played by Julia Roberts) announces that her "signature colahs" are "blush and bashful"... at which point her mother (played by Sally Field) announces that the church looks like it's been coated in Pepto Bismol.

    I'm with Mom! (I've always been a black and chrome gal...) 8-)

  2. Kismet as we were watching "Shakespeare in Love" just last night. Thank you, thank you, Meg, with all that you have going on to take the time to post pink. P

  3. I love a pink sense of humor! Thanks Meg!!!

  4. What a great idea.....and for a cause very dear to my heart. And that pink houndstooth....I love it. Any idea who makes it? Wow.

  5. Meg great images and a wonderful reminder to all of us...

    I too am posting pink today!

    Art by Karena

  6. My favorite color! Loooooove that skirt the model is wearing in the Oprah tearsheet and wish I could find out who made it.


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