September 29, 2010

Le Ballon Jaune

Ziger/Snead, the architectural firm that designed some of the residential buildings at Woodbourne, where I work, is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. Yellow Balloon 1 They hired a talented visual artist to create a project that used a common theme to unite 25 of their buildings over 25 days.

Lee Freeman, the artist, created a concept that had a massive yellow balloon traveling around the city, landing on buildings that Z/S has designed or renovated.Yellow Balloon 037This morning, Lee and his colleague arrived at Woodbourne, just before Tropical Storm Nicole, which is barreling its way up the East Coast. We had a great time with this eight-foot tall yellow balloon around our campus.

Shooting hoops…Yellow Balloon 031 Balancing on the corner of a ladder… Yellow Balloon 033 Rolling it across a roof-line…Yellow Balloon 043 Playing Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz… (and that’s me under there!) Yellow Balloon 073  Playing more hoops…Yellow Balloon 060 Framing artistic shots…Yellow Balloon 076 And generally having a great time, while acknowledging the impact that Ziger/Snead has had on the city of Baltimore. Yellow Balloon 068 For another great post about this, please visit my friends at Stone Hill Farm.


  1. Thanks Meg!!! What great photos. The Wicked Witch one kills me.

  2. Meg, What fantastic photos--great way to counteract the dreary rain of today. And the Wicked Witch one made me shout with laughter!

  3. Congrats, Steve and Jamie!!

    (and yes, love the pix!)

  4. I love the Wicked Witch picture! Hilarious!


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