September 14, 2010

Sale @ Halcyon House – You MUST Go!

As you know, if you’ve been reading Pigtown*Design for any length of time, Halcyon House Antiques is my absolute favourite shop in Baltimore. I love every single thing in there and I love the two owners, Stiles Colwill and Jonathan Gargiulo, whose impeccable taste is reflected in the items in the shop. And I adore Eric, the manager of the store. Visits to Halcyon House are always a highlight in my week.Halcyon is having a SALE 043Halcyon House is having a sale, beginning September 14th, to make room for a shipment of goods from London and New York. As Stiles said, there’s only so much room in the shop, and even less in the storage areas!  But you need to hurry out to Halcyon House because the sale’s only on for two weeks!

Here are some of the goodies on offer.

Beautifully-shaped lime green vases in a craquelure finish.Halcyon is having a SALE 003  Gorgeous dogwood plates reminiscent of a de Gournay wallpaperHalcyon is having a SALE 012Canvas and leather carry-all bags. I can think of hundreds of uses for any of these.Halcyon is having a SALE 011 Blanc de Chine figurineHalcyon is having a SALE 018 Bird and Birdy salt and pepper shakers. How much fun would a few pairs of these be on a table!Halcyon is having a SALE 020 A great silverplated lantern – one of two.Halcyon is having a SALE 022 Two bamboo-shaped pitchers. Halcyon is having a SALE 021A beautiful lamp from Bunny Williams’ Beeline premier collection.Halcyon is having a SALE 001For more information:
 Halcyon House Antiques
11219 Greenspring Avenue
Lutherville, MD 21093
or e-mail


  1. I love those green vases and the plates, the bags, the lantern. Thank goodness I don't live nearby cause I would be filling up my house again and the whole idea right now is to get RID of stuff not add to it.

  2. Meg, I just love your posts on this shop. I am on a spending freeze but would love to make a lamp out of that Blanc de Chine figurine. Love the birdy birds too. You have impeccable taste!!!

  3. Oh my goodness! I would KILL for those dogwood plates and those white reticulated compotes. And I am with Nelle on making a lamp from that Blanc de Chine figure...would be FABULOUS!!!! Wish I was as close as you!!!

  4. Will gonna check the place. Love the two birds too.

    Deirdre G


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