September 9, 2010

Temple St. Clair @ Target

Why didn’t I know about this sooner? I love Temple St. Clair’s jewelry. It’s classic, elegant, timeless and way out of my price range. spl_logoI am loath to spend a lot of money on jewelry… In fact, I don’t really have any expensive jewelry since it was all stolen a few years ago. But I could pay the kind of prices that Target’s asking for this costume jewelry. TSC 1

Because I don’t read magazines like Lucky, I missed the announcement of it earlier this summer.  TSC 3 I was at Target during lunch for another matter – they were making a donation to Woodbourne – and I was talking to the manager about the line. She told me to go to a Target where it might not be as popular as their suburban store and they would have the full line – and if it wasn’t selling, it might already be reduced. TSC2 What I find interesting is how Target is mining the classic shopping scene for their specials – first Boots, then Liberty, now Temple St. Clair and soon, Mulberry.TSC 4


  1. Love these. I've admired Temple St Clair and didn't know about the line at Target. What will they think of next?

  2. Woohoo! I will be skipping over to Target asap!

  3. thanks for the good info and don't forget john derrain at target

  4. You have to see it in person and try it on -- some of the pieces look great, some less so.


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