September 9, 2010

Sixth Annual Duchess of Windsor Celebration

The annual Duchess of Windsor celebration is this weekend in Baltimore. There’s a house on the street where she lived that’s been converted into a mini museum in her honour!  Book Ting 008 

Here’s the schedule of the day’s events:

Royal Segway Race
Baltimore's answer to the Royal Ascotascot3

Royal Dog Costume Parade
With prizes for most bejeweled, most royal and most ornery (see below)Connor can't be bothered 001

Royal Cake Bake
With prizes for most bejeweled, most royal and most deliciousBook Ting 007Donation is $20 at the door and all proceeds will be donated to the local SPCA, a cause we can support wholeheartedly! 
For more information, click


  1. I'm thinking she must have been channelling her inner gaga when she wore that hat.

  2. How did she keep that thing on her head?


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