September 13, 2010

No Flowers on Sunday

Today was a perfectly nasty day, but that’s a good thing! It rained much of the day, a light rain which is the most beneficial to plants and trees. We have not had any rain for several weeks and the trees are already starting to lose their leaves. 9-21 009There were flowers at the Market this morning, but none that I was interested in having on display at the house.  Maybe next week!

I won another lobster today at the market by correctly answering who two of three women were who had taken time off to have a baby and then come back to win a major tennis tournament. Of course, everyone knows Kim Clijsters, but who are the others?

Some things coming up this week:

  • Huge sale at my favourite store!
  • Details on the Pop-Up Curated Flea at Housewerks
  • Review of Baltimore’s own Laura Lippman’s new book

Thanks for all of your kind words on my 1000th post!


  1. Refreshing colors. Beautiful photo.

  2. We are desperate for rain here in the Hudson River Valley, for we--like you--have had none for weeks. How I long for three consecutive days of soaking rain. No flowers for us this weekend, either, but we did load up on the farm stand's bounty of eggplant, which we have heaped in a gorgeous mound on an ironstone footed stand in the middle of our kitchen table.

  3. During the five months I spent at our cabin, waiting for the house to be finished, I did a lot of reading. Laura Lippman helped pass the time. Really enjoyed her work.

  4. I have come up with one answer: Goolagong...can't think who else...if she actually IS one of the names..oh wait...I am about to show real ignorance here...does Little Mo count?

    Have a SPLENDID week!!!


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