September 26, 2010

Weekend’s Over!

Whew! The weekend is finally over and I can get on with the new week.Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes for my mum’s speedy recovery. They certainly helped, because when I visited her today, she was hugely improved.

The Pop-Up Flea @ Housewerks was a big success. Thanks so much to everyone who came by to say hi… and my most sincere apologies for not having too much time to talk. We had some great vendors and I was able to get a few fabulous items, including two of these Japanese fishing net floats that I’ve been lusting after since I first saw them. Housewerks 01-09-10 005The b-roll filming that the crew was shooting on Saturday managed to take eight hours, which, I am sure, will be distilled to about one minute! We shot lots of footage (or what-ever you call it now that it’s digital!) at Housewerks and even more at my house. They were incredibly patient with me and my recalcitrant puppy, who managed to get in more than one shot. PopUp 005 It was fun to watch the crew set up some vignettes, including the one above with a pair of chairs I found in an old furniture store and restored, a gate-leg table from a church jumble sale and a Wedgwood teapot I found at Chez Marshalls for $7.00. Oh, and my pound puppy!

The vignette below is comprised of a vintage handbag, one of the scarves that I found a few months ago, an old clock and one of my father’s large format cameras.PopUp 002 Stay tuned for a big adventure this week. It involves a rented BMW 5-series and a road trip!


  1. Well done love the vignettes, wow you are busy! Thanks for including us!

  2. Meg,
    Glad that your mother is doing better.
    That's an adorable shot of Connor.

  3. So sorry about your mother's tumble. I hope she continues to improve...something like that is so scary for anyone of a certain age. I will keep her in my prayers! I am sure the "flea" was great fun!

  4. Nice to know your mother is on the mend.
    The first vignette it wonderful! I particularly like the fabric on those chairs. Can't wait to hear the "big adventure" news.

  5. Hi Meg,

    Great tag sale on Saturday, you're now a few items lighter due to some purchases of mine. Can't wait to see the clips of you on TV.

  6. Delighted that the sale was a success and that your mother is on the mend. But...pretty please, I need that handbag. Now put your feet up for a moment.

  7. Very glad to hear that your mom is better and I can't wait for more news about the big developments. Good luck - and have fun!

    I'm sorry I missed you on Saturday, but I am very much enjoying your former punch bowl!


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