September 21, 2010

Chatsworth Attic Sale Video

Sotheby’s has put out an amazing seven-minute long video of the attic sale at Chatsworth House in the UK.  There are more than 20,000 pieces up for offer during this three day event.

As the current and 12th Duke of Devonshire says, “What are we going to do, get a bigger house?”.  chatsworth 4 Apparently, there was a house that the family owned in London until it was torn down in the 1920’s, and the then-owner had all of the wood-work and fireplaces removed and numbered and stored in the attics at Chatsworth. An early architectural salvage operation!chatsworth 7 There are several pieces that are discussed in some detail, including this incredible cabinet. It’s made from pieces of wood branches that have been sawn into sections. chatsworth 2 The inside even more fabulous!chatsworth1 There are myriad door frames, chatsworth 5 from a room like this,chatsworth 3fragments of sculpture, chatsworth 6 and 19,996 other pieces.

To view the video, please click here. All pictures are screen-grabs from the video.


  1. Meg an fascianting video of such a historic collection. Thank you for sharing.

    Art by Karena

  2. What a great sale this is going to be.

  3. I was reading the hard copy of Antiques Trade Gazette and saw a glorious ad highlighting the architectural elements in the sale and I thought of you, Meg, when I saw that ad!

  4. Wow, Meg! Thanks for including the video in today's posting. I so wish I could be there. It does seem like it will be the attic sale to end all attic sales. I'm going to have dreams about that walnut veneer cabinet. What a stunner.

  5. I haven't visited your blog in a bit, but just did and learned that I can no longer see your pictures. This recently happened to another blogger whom I follow. She switched to Live Writer and I could no longer see her pictures either.

    Just thought I'd inquire and wonder if anyone else has mentioned this to you...

  6. BAE... I switched to live writer about a year ago, and i've not heard of any problems. Thanks for alerting me though. I will check into it.


  7. Meg,
    What fantastic posts you have been putting up lately. I LOVED the interview with Debo Devonshire that you lead me to recently as well as this video link to the Attic Sale at Chatsworth House. You could not have a more appreciative audience for your English design posts. I am about to subscribe to two British design magazines-- House and Garden and Homes and Gardens-- for my needed Brit Fix but you outdo these two every time. Please know how much I (and your other readers) love these posts.
    THANK YOU!! Anne

  8. LOL at the family motto translation "never throw anything away"

  9. If you liked this, you should read the book : The Mitford Sisters.


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