October 1, 2010

Ymerodraeth Cyflwr Deddwl

Believe me, I know! It looks like a monkey hammering away at a keyboard, but it’s Welsh.  It’s actually Welsh for Empire State of Mind, the title of a great song by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. I like this NY song better than any of the others, especially Sinatra’s New York.

 I was tipped to a new version of Empire State of Mind about the small Welsh city of Newport. It is a spot-on parody of the New York version, right down to the black and white footage and the jump-cut photo montage at the beginning.

But what makes is fall-over-laughing hilarious are the words which describe some of the funnier parts of living in Wales. Luckily, the video is captioned, because it’s hard to work your way through a Welsh accent. 

Take a look:

I love clever people!


  1. welsh? i rather thought perhaps it was cat, because that's what it looks like when richard walks across my keyboard.

  2. great post! love Sinatra's NY NY

  3. Dude - the Welsh version has it all over the other one.

    I detest rappers and their constant promotion of the drug culture (note the Welsh version doesn't have to be censored). The fact that thugs like him are living in a mansion and driving "an off-white Lexus" while the rest of us honest working people are barely hanging on by our fingernails really burns my biscuit.

    The Welsh song kicks butt - "the leeks will inspire you"! HA!

  4. And I even have two leeks in my fridge!

    Good one Meg.

  5. What a great and fun post.

  6. I hope you've seen granite state of mind, it's New Hampshire' parody of this song. It's soo funny!


  7. Hilarious!!

    "The leeks will inspire you!"

    Sending this to my Welsh in-laws as we speak.


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