February 14, 2010


A little billet-doux to everyone reading from Chez Ville de Porc. Thank you so very much for reading Pigtown*Design. We love that you take the time from your busy day to read what I am chattering on about. It pleases me greatly when you leave thoughtful and funny comments, and add to the general discussion.

It’s quiet here today and we’re gearing up for another few inches of snow tomorrow. When will it ever end? I’ve had time to really play with my sewing machine, which, for those who asked, is a Singer Simple.

For a Valentine’s present for my mother, I went over to DeBois and sourced some fabrics. I found Daisy Daisy, a David Hicks fabric from 1970, which has been edited by Ashley Hicks for Groundworks. 02-14-10 003 I also found a linen with some birds on it. Since the colours were similar, I decided to add the bird print over the Hicks pattern. I went to Ikea and bought some down pillow forms, and I used the 20x20 one for this pillow.02-14-10 008 Since the cover was a little too big for the insert, I ran a row of stitching around the edge to make a bit of a border. I don’t know how to sew at all and didn’t have a pattern, so this was all trial and error. What do you think?

I also made another pig-adillo. It is even stranger than the first one. I think that I need to find another pattern. 02-14-10 015 He’s got funny blue eyes from my button collection. When I lived in Wales, I used to haunt the charity shops there to add to my collection of French-Ivory handled cutlery and I would always find wonderful buttons that the volunteers would cut off clothes and sew onto a card. I have dozens of them.02-14-10 009 Connor and I wish all of you a lovely and happy Valentine’s Day! We love you!!!02-14-10 005


  1. MEG ---that pillow is simply marvelous! You must have a natural talent for sewing because you did such a great job. I await the day I get to visit DeBois and find some tresures. Of course, it may be awhile as I live outside of Boston! But I can dream.
    ~ Michelle
    PS Also enjoyed your SNOW photos/video - none left here in the Northeast!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day Meg!

    I love your beautiful pillow...well I should say your Mom's beautiful new pillow! And your newest pig-adillo is too cute! Does Connor love this one as much as the first?

    Kat :)

  3. The pillow is wonderful and I am confident Conner is quite happy with his new friend! Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Greetings Valentines,

    You clever gal. You've been busy. Your mother will love the cushions. I miss sewing. I still haven't used my machine that I bought in Australia. I need to get a step-down transformer.

    Glad the snow is letting up a bit.

    Love to you and sweet Connor,


  5. I love the pig-adillos...they are the cutest!

  6. Meg, you are frickin' amazing (pardon my French).

    I can't believe you just whip these things up, all the while "not knowing how to sew." They're beautiful!

    The pigadillos are so adorable I swear you could sell them at a crafts fair. My kitties would love them, especially if filled with catnip.

    I don't have any of my dear departed tailor-father's sewing machines. I remember vividly the old Singer with a treadle. The electric ones weren't so lovely, of course. But I think my aunt may have the treadle one, so perhaps I'll claim it one day. It's just a beautiful artifact, I think, and would look wonderful in a room simply as itself.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and Connor. A la prochaine!

  7. How did I miss that bird fabric?! You scored. Love it! Great job on the pillow and of course the pig-adillo.

  8. Tracy... that was me with my feet sticking out of a bin! That's how I found the bird print! My mother loved the pillow.

  9. that pillow is so cute! before you know it, you'll have a new business going.

  10. Wow, that pillow is great. I love the birds on the fabric! My last trip to Debois was cancelled due to the snow (sitter couldn't make it--I was ready to forge ahead). I hope to make it there this week!
    Glad I've found your blog!

  11. Really meg, the pillow is beautiful!! Do you have enough fabric for one more? My mother would love it for her 80th. She is such a bird lover!!


  12. I'm pretty sure that bird fabric is from DwellStudio. http://www.dwellstudio.com/modern-home-decor/decorative-pillows/chinoiserie-long-pillow.html

    Good find! And very cute pillow!

  13. Could that darling Conner be any cuter, Meg???!!!

  14. Your Mom's pillow is simply wonderful....resting her head on it is certainly doubly cosy 'cause it is handcrafted for a mother by her daughter.You are indeed a great and talented seamstress.....Lovely and all the best!


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