February 8, 2010

Enveloped, Again

I usually don’t pay much attention to the press releases that I get because so many of them don’t pertain to me and what I write about. But today, I got one that really interested me.

A few months ago, I wrote about making envelopes lined with tea or joss paper. I also mentioned a post that Style Court had written about some beautiful hand-crafted lined envelopes that Mary McDonald had made for a baby shower.

The press release I received was from Dempsey & Carroll, who have taken Mrs. John L. Strong’s place as the stationer of choice. They have just come out with a range of envelopes lined with some of the design world’s favourite fabrics from Schumacher.

Schumacher's Chenonceauaqua_chenSchumacher's Imperial Trellisred_trellis Schumacher's Chiang Mai Dragondragonenv_product Now that I am a total fabric nut, I would have a hard time deciding which of these lovelies to get!  They are all available at Dempsey & Carroll.


  1. I am having a fit over the Chiang Mai Dragon. That is one AMAZING envelope!

  2. Really lovely envelopes, I'm not sure I could throw those away! I visited their site and they have so many pretty patterns to choose from, but I fell in love with their sand dollar note cards!

    Hope you are battening down the hatches for the next big storm!

    Kat :)

  3. So pretty!
    Think of what you could do, Meg, with your fab new fabric source and a copy machine. I'd be crafting lined envelopes for myself and everyone I know. The perfect snow day pastime.

  4. Meg, love these! great to use fabric designs ...they are timeless!

  5. Meg, your right. All are so adorable, you'd have to choose them all. Thanks for showing them off to us all.

    Thinking of you & hoping your staying toasty warm. x

  6. I love the surprise of opening a pretty lined envelope - these are just beautiful!

  7. They should absolutely come up with a compilation set, don't you think?! Beautiful.

    I am in Chicago and we are just now getting your snow. Wishing us both luck...


  8. LOVE Schumacher's Chiang Mai Dragon the best.

  9. I had to stop by and tell you I was SO excited to see you Elle!!! Bravo!!! I feel like I knew you before you were famous. Ha!!!! Hang in with the snow, its a comin here tomorrow in Northeast PA.

  10. Oh! Those are truly swoon-worthy. If I had not taken a self-imposed period of abstinence from buying stationery (or paper in general) until I organize and use up what I already have, I would be all over these. Hmm, going to be snowed in tomorrow (possibly), maybe it's time to start the organization part.

    Oh, oh, oh. those. are. lovely.

  11. hey Meg! These are available at GoreDean, we love them. Or on a snowy day, you can oredr from www.goredean.com and get 20% off during the snow! love the blog as always- Deb

  12. I perused the D&C site. It appears that they may have a production facility (Azar Court)in Baltimore. Do you know more about it -- perhaps an annual or semi-annual on-site warehouse sale!?

    The Chiang Mai Dragon would be stunning as a liner for their signature blue envelope, but it seems to only be offered in a white envelope. Go figure.

    I've never used Smythson or Mrs. John L. Strong. I've been a faithful Crane's user, but I may give D&C a try.

  13. Anon@23:44... I had a discussion with the Managing Director of D&C this past summer about touring their facility, but we never got it together. I would still love to do it.


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