February 22, 2010

Evergreen Lecture Series

For the last two years, I have attended the Spring House Beautiful Lecture Series at Evergreen House in Baltimore, and have found them to be outstanding. Two years ago, there was an excellent talk on Maison Jansen and last year, one on Billy Baldwin, both given by James Archer Abbott, an expert on both topics.

This year’s lecture series has been announced and each of the lectures will be on the topic of “houses with theatres”. First up is Ten Chimneys: A Design for Living, the Wisconsin home of Broadway legends Alfred Lunt and Lynne Fontanne. Keith McKay, the estate’s director of historic preservation will talk about Ten Chimneys’ whimsical interiors. Keith is one of the original members of our Historic House Group, and so I am sure the audience will be packed with friends!10 chimneys

The second lecture is Discovering Evergreen: One Degree of Separation, which is a perfect title for a lecture about one of the most significant houses in Baltimore. Susan Tripp, who lead the restoration of Evergreen, will reflect on how learning about the Garrett family from those who knew them helped with the restoration. 

Evergreen 019 The final lecture is The Silver Screen: Hearst Castle and Hollywood. William Randolph Hearst was not only a newspaperman, but also an early film pioneer and producer of 120 movies. Victoria Kastner, historian at San Simeon, will detail the rich social and architectural history of the theatre at San Simeon, designed in the 1930s by Julia Morgan.San Simeon

If that’s not enough excitement, the exhibition on Baltimore’s Billy Baldwin opens on May 20th with a reception.

Click here for the details of the lecture series and to purchase tickets.


  1. I could just move right into Evergreen! Wish we lived a little closer, what a wonderful time you will have, Meg!

  2. Karen@ Junking in GeorgiaFebruary 23, 2010 at 6:20 PM

    Sounds very interesting ... know you will enjoy them all.. love the photo of Hearst Castle.. it seems that you can see the entire coast of California from that hill top.. and the pools, God! did I ever want to jump into the outside one.. I did not since I thought I would be arrested ....

  3. I am looking forward to being back in Baltimore, seeing friendly faces, and to sharing Ten Chimenys's theatrical decor with others. KDM


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