February 25, 2010

Don’t Forget the Pillows!

I hope that you won’t forget to enter into the drawing for one of the Pigtown Pillows. After cocktails on Friday evening, Connor will be selecting one special person who can choose from one of the four pillows below. Just leave a comment here.

02-15-10 004

Pillow 1
Duralee Kelsey with Trina Turk Sunglasses Obi Sash.

02-19-10 002

Pillow 2
A combination of three patterns, including Trina Turk Fronds and Cyrus Clark Mistral.

02-19-10 008

Pillow 3
Coral print background with Duralee Anana, with coral print detail on reverse

pillows 008

Pillow 4
Dwell Studio Chinoiserie Birds print with Victoria Hagen Lucky Match in beige on white on reverse. All linen.

I am making a special pillow for a friend who has cancer. She’s someone who epitomizes grace and charm. She has been in and out of my life for almost 30 years. I’ve just recently heard that one of her joys is watching the birds in her garden. I thought that if one of my squishy down pillows with the birds on it brings her a little comfort, that will make me happy.


  1. I am sure your friend will love the gift and such a thoughtful token of your support.

  2. I am just so excited about this!! That is why I love the bird pillow, my 80 year old Mother loves to watch and feed all of the neighborhood birds!

  3. Meg... I love all of your pillow deigns. You are inspiring me to awaken my dormant sewing skills! I need to find some of that Bird fabric.
    What a lovely idea to gift your friend with a special "meg" pillow.
    ~ Michelle

  4. My BFF for the last 20 years was diagnosed with breast cancer late last summer. For her, I made a beautiful robe that I line the interior with a soft loop (longer than chenille) so it would be soft against her surgical area. Plus rather than a tie front robe which sometimes is a struggle, I made it with a mandarin collar & loop button closure for east in hospital & chemo days. She has shared with me that pillows are very important because after surgery finding a way to sleep comfortably is difficult. Her blog is found at http://butdoctorihatepink.blogspot.com/ and I can be found at http://onlygypsytravels.blogspot.com/
    Have a wonderful weekend with Connor et al.

  5. Meg, What great pillows, something positive came from all the blizzards!!!

  6. Pillows are the necklace in the room, love that you are sharing with you friend...

  7. What you are doing for your friend with cancer is more special than you can know. The Shabby Chic just did that for me. She knew I had fallen in love with one of her pillows and could not afford it.
    She said her arms could not reach far enough to wrap around me and the hugs would not last as long as cozzing up with a pillow. You bloggers that are so creative out there are dearly loved for your kindnesses.Thank you all.


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