February 7, 2010

Who Dat?

I am not a huge football fan, but like most Americans, I will be watching SuperBowl XLIV this evening. I am unable to root for the Colts, because as you may know, they were formerly the Baltimore Colts, until they snuck out of town one snowy March evening.

When I think of the Colts, I don’t think of that what’s-his-name quarterback that’s playing, I think of No. 19, Johnny Unitas, the Golden Arm. I think of the Colts Marching Band who practiced, performed and marched for 11 years until the Baltimore Ravens came to town.

So this evening, I will be rooting for the New Orleans Saints to win! I think that a big win and a new mayor, as well as this week’s Mardi Gras celebrations are just what the city needs to give them a boost.

When you hear a New Orleans accent, sometimes you think it sounds like Brooklyn. I remember friends talking about Yatty girls, and deese and dem, an’ all. So Who Dat is right on the money for a true New Orleans accent. Check out this 1983 video of Neville Brother, Aaron and some vintage football players singing “Who Dat” to the tune of “The Saints Go Marching In”.

Who Dat Gonna Beat the Saints?

Hopefully, not the Colts.


  1. Meg - I am so with you. I am still bitter about the Colts. To me the Colts will always be Johnny Unitas etal.

  2. I am neither a Saints fan nor a Colts fan during the regular season. But, the Saints story this year is so great that, today, I am a Saints fan. Plus, I have a sister who, like me, used to be a Charger fan until the Chargers traded Drew Brees. She has been a die hard Saints fan since Brees became their quarterback. This season she has been nearly breathless for every game. I haven't even bothered to call her today as I'm sure she's probably apoplectic in anticipation of the game. Geaux Saints!

  3. Yeah you right dawlin', which is local for "this post is right on the money". I wish you could be here to truly experience the partying and excitement that has consumed our city. xoxo

  4. We're not football fans here either, but Superbowl day is always an event. Except it's all about the food and drink and big money wagers (I believe the most anybody ever won was a whopping five bucks. Don't report us to the authorities!) I'll be rooting for the Saints today too. For all the same reasons you gave. Hope they come through for me!

  5. Oh this is a tough subject for me. I was born and bred a Washington Redskins fan but then I went to college in Baltimore and my brother even lived down the street from Johnny Unitas for a few years. So I split my love between the Baltimore Colts and the Redskins for many years. But then they did just as you said, they packed up and left town in the middle of the night and I was disappointed to see those horseshoe helmets and blue and white jerseys leave town forever.

    Just a few months after they left my husband and I got married and guess where he hails from...Indiana! Not just Indiana but Indianapolis! And to top it all off, my in-laws used to live less than a mile from their new training camp. So although I know they will be rooting hard for "their" home team. I will not be quite so enthusiastic. I may just have to hope that the Saints truly do go marching in!

    Kat :)

  6. Thanks Meg!
    Who dat say dey gonna beat da Saints!
    Can't believe all the snow you are having.
    Come and see us soon in New Orleans!
    xo xo

  7. Congrats to the Saints! (Sneaking out in the middle of the night as tainted the Colts to me - no matter where they go).

    As for snow - looks like it all ended up in Maryland - Manhattan got NOTHING!

  8. GREAT game! Thrilled at the outcome.

  9. Thanks for posting the 1983 video - brilliant!


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