February 11, 2010

Flip’s Details

It’s sunny and 32F out today, but still windy. All around, you can hear the sounds of people shoveling and scraping. The snow is layers of snow, ice, and more snow.

I received more pictures from Flip this morning and she’s included some details.

First picture shows a close-up of the glass door knobs from Anthropologie. IMG_8184

The doors we found at Second Chance were two separate panels which we hinged together (to operate in the same fashion as pocket shutters - folding in on themselves). This also shows a better view of the closet that was created.IMG_8185 Here is a close-up of the medallion from Felber Ornamental Plaster in Pennsylvania and the mirror detail. IMG_8187 Also details of the tile.... IMG_8189 and the entire basin with Flip’s darling Notorious Biggie Boy...... IMG_8196 I know that this is a space that any of us would love to have in our house!


  1. That tile is amazing!

  2. omg, that wall tile. So beautiful. I'd lose track of time and shrivel up in the tub (also gorgeous) just staring at it every day.

  3. I have never seen tile like that, a beautiful basket weave!
    The grey on the sink curtain pops with all that gorgeous white.
    Thanks for delivering the 'more" I asked for :)

  4. I agree, what an accent that woven tile effect is.

    Quite the elegant space.

  5. Even prettier close up! Which is really saying something! Thank you for showing us the details.

    Kat :)

  6. i love that skirt. I've been thinking about it since yesterday. I'm thinking, these might inspire some new drapes for my living room....

  7. Thanks so much for the close-up of the wall tile. Love it! And I am such a sucker for banded anything - great sink skirt!

  8. good lord -- do they even make tile like that anymore?! it is stunning.


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