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May 5, 2014

The Met Gala

I am going to go all Tom & Lorenzo here and comment on some of the looks at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala Benefit, aka the Met Gala. The invitations read white tie and tails, which conveys a certain air of gravitas for both the men and women. image

White tie for gentlemen consists of a black dress coat commonly known as an evening tailcoat, white bow tie, white waistcoat and starched wing collar shirt, while women wear a suitable dress for the occasion, such as a ball gown. Dresses with lengths above the ankle (such as cocktail or tea-length dresses) are frowned upon and considered inappropriate. Depending on the formality of the event, bare shoulders may or may not be acceptable.

Unfortunately, many of the guests chose not to adhere to the requested dress code and wore what they wanted. There were some good looks, and some ghastly ones.

He got it right, she didn’t. They don’t even look like they’re going to the same event.
Tom Guinness and Rachel Chandler Guinness

They got it right in theory, but someone’s trying too hard.
Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtkaimage

Completely and totally wrong. From the length to the leather vest top and the wrapped belt…
Rosamund Pikeimage

Wrong. If her skirt was floor length, she could have gotten away with this, but the bare shoulders, short skirt and tattoos don’t work.
Leah Dunhamimage

Right! Even though he’s a frightening shade of orange, he’s got it right.

Not formal enough.
Michelle Williamsimage

Of course, he got it right. The man knows how to dress.
Benedict Cumberbatchimage

I must admit, I am not a fan of the sheer overskirt.
Naomi Wattsimage

Hell NO! This is way too casual. The shoes look like boat shoes, the trousers look like white skinny jeans and the halter top is just wrong.
Cara Delevingneimage

Not wild about the fabric, but she’s got the right idea.
Ivanka Trumpimage

 She looks like she’s wearing a bathrobe.
Dree Hemingwayimage

Don’t know who this is, but she’s got it right. Ball gown, white elbow-length gloves, serious jewelry. image

Even when you have most of the right elements, it doesn’t always work.
Kate Uptonimage

She looked so lovely at the Oscars, but this is awful! It’s got to weigh a ton, and I am sure it makes a racket when she walks. And the headband doesn’t help things at all. Lupita Nyong'oimage

Elegant, understated, classic. But when Ralph Lauren’s your father-in-law, you should look fabulous.
Lauren Bush Laurenimage

I don’t really like this much. The illusion netting is odd.
Anna Wintourimage

The pattern on her dress is a little informal, but otherwise the got it right.
Hannah Bagshawe and Eddie Redmayne image

Like Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress from the front. Hate the hair. Andy Cohen looks terrific.image

I just hate that the dress is “signed” on the train. image

Which do you like and which do you dislike?

April 17, 2014

High Point: It’s the Blues!

It’s really amazing to see all of the gorgeous colours used at High Point. While I can usually count on seeing the early spring blooms at High Point in the spring, things were much later to bloom than usual, and Market was a little earlier. But it was still colourful!

My sponsor, HGTV Products had a beautiful display of every shade of blue. Their new range of furniture, wallpapers and paints showed the blues off to great effect.

Williamsburg, which used to be associated with flat and somewhat faded shades, has taken a turn for the modern. This pillow is a riff on one of the patterns they found in their archives.

These lamps take their shapes from gourds found in the gardens, and their colours from the newly discovered paint shades that have been found.

CRLaine always has the most gorgeous, saturated colours, like this blue leather chair with the terrific silver nail-head trim.CR Laine (18)

The detail work on their pieces is so beautifully executed, like these slipper chairs.CRLAINE (53)

And blue was definitely everywhere, in every shade!CRLAINE (50)

Wesley Hall always has some magic up their sleeves and does a spectacular job with their upholstered pieces. Wesley (8)Wesley (9)

Thibaut is another showroom that I can always count on for wonderful colours and prints. These are new to their line of fabrics and papers. Thibaut (29)Thibaut (30)Thibaut (31)

This piece takes advantage of the subtle pattern in the shagreen (in this case, faux), to make a striking chest at Jonathan Charles. Jonathan Charles (29)

I hope that this post didn’t give you the blues!

April 16, 2014

High Point Highlights: Chinoiserie

With everything that happened in High Point, I’ve been tempted to put it all behind me, but I have an obligation and I really do want to share what I saw with you! So, let’s take a jaunt through High Point and see what I saw. Chinoiserie has always been “in” for me, but it was everywhere at this Market.

From Williamsburg: Look at this great mirror, in two sizes! Stunning

From CR Laine: Chinese Chippendale-style chairs CR Laine (25)

Pagoda mirror and lots of gorgeous blue and white, along with some Traci Zeller pillows.

From Thibaut: A pagoda-style headboard!

Beautiful orange and grey fabrics and papers, plus a pagoda sconce!Thibaut (22)

Lots of beautiful Chinoiserie-style fabrics.Thibaut (46)Thibaut (48)Thibaut (52)

From Lillian August: Always beautiful accessories in that showroom.Lillian (1)

A pagoda style headboard.Lillian (2)

I love Chinoiserie!

April 9, 2014

The Downstairs Loo

As you may remember, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the downstairs bath in my house. It’s pretty small, but it does have a walk-in shower and it’s the bathroom that gets used the most. I tried papering a bit of it with pages of old books, but they make it smell musty, which makes me crazy. I also thought about some large-scaled papers a few weeks ago, here.

On the way to High Point, I stopped in Richmond, Virginia at a place called Diversity Thrift. It’s about 15,000 square feet of everything. It’s gotten very high marks for its vast and ever-changing inventory. As I poked around, I stumbled across a bin of wallpapers, many of them unopened in their rolls. The name Nina Campbell caught my eye and so I grabbed the roll of paper. IMG_0001

To my surprise, it was exactly what I have been searching for! It’s a pale colour, an interesting print and it will match the shower curtain wonderfully. Even better, it was dirt cheap.IMG_0003

So I grabbed all three rolls and stuck them in my cart. When I finally got around to checking the price, I could only find it in pounds…£52 a roll, in fact! With today’s exchange rate, that’s about $87 per roll! IMG_0006

The print is called Woodsford, and is named after a castle in Dorset, England, which is owned by the Landmark Trust. The house has one of the largest expanses of thatched roof in England. It’s available for rent and sleeps eight!image

The pattern is silhouettes of trees, similar to the Arbres de Matisse which Billy Baldwin used to great effect. image

It also comes in a fabric. The pillow on the right is the same colourway as the paper I found. Here are some images from the catalogue. image


I think I got a great deal and now I am excited to paper the small bathroom!


Oh, I also picked up a great blue & white tea pot, some books for the trip and a bag of crystal stoppers for decanters.IMG_0012 I always find decanters without stoppers, and resist buying them, so now I have a selection from which to choose!