January 2, 2014

What Day is This?

If you’re anything like me, with a very erratic work schedule over the past two weeks, then you’ve probably been having a tough time figuring out what day it is. Feels like Sunday, but is really Wednesday. Wednesday? Or is it Thursday?

I like calendars, and have to get one for over my desk at home. Last year, I found a template on the interwebs and made one with pictures that I had taken each month. This year, I haven’t found one I like… yet. image

Since I am a whiz at Photoshop, I can do this pretty simply, but it’s a matter of finding a template I like that already has the dates and months filled in. I certainly don’t want to do that!image

I am a little leery of downloading files these days after suffering through the past two weeks with a virus on my office computer that basically shut me down. But I do like having a personalized calendar…

Any suggestions?


  1. I know you are not an Apple person but they have a very clean looking calendar I make every year right from iPhoto. I agree so many of the templates are overworked and cluttered!

  2. Every year I get an Anne Taintor retro humor calendar for my ktichen, and this year I also got a "vintage typewriters" calendar for the computer room. Not online calendars, real ones hung from wee nails in the wall. So retro!


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