January 13, 2014

Mad as a Hatter

About 10 years ago, I was attending the American Craft Council show in Baltimore and I bought the best hat. It was the perfect hat. It was a tweed Polartec® bucket-style hat. It was light-weight and warm and I could chuck it in the washer and drier and it would come out perfectly.

I took it with me when I moved to the UK and it was ideal for the climate and the styles there. It was perfect with my old Barbour coats, both the heavy long one imageand the short quilted one. Somehow, along the way, between here and there, then and now, I lost the hat.

With all of the cold weather we’ve been having, I’ve been wishing for that hat again, and I am on a search to find a replacement. I Googled “fleece hat/American Craft Council” and came up with a vendor I thought it might have been, but it wasn’t. She recommended someone else, but I don’t think it’s the same person. I am waiting to hear back.

So, in the meantime, I’ve been looking at some other contenders, but none are quite right. Here are some of the ones I’ve considered.

A waxed cotton hat with a tweed band. I had a similar one, and the waxed cotton close to my ears made everything echo. I know, crazy.image

This is pretty similar to the one I had, but the tweed may have been a little more “hounds-toothy”. image

This one is waxed cotton and fleece. Somewhat of a contender.image

These two are fun, but they’re not as casual as I am looking for. I’d feel bad chucking this in the laundry, or getting it really wet walking Connor.
image image

If this was Polartec® instead of tweed, I’d like it a lot more.image

This is the right sort of shape, but it’s a wee bit busy for my taste.image

The thing is, I could probably make one myself. But it would be a matter of sourcing the right fabric and then finding the time to make it. By the time that happens, it will be warm again, and I won’t need the hat.


  1. good luck with the hat hunt!

  2. Love all the hats actually - my fave is the blue tweed. I know what you mean about the waxed hat - I also find they make my hair greasy, so I've given up on those.

  3. hope you find a hat + know how maddening that can be. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  4. maybe you could special order from the maker of the last "busy" one (which I adore.....) to get exactly what you want?


  5. Are you able to locate the ACC directory from that year and track down the vendor that way? I have had a scarf on my mind that I saw at the Chelsea craft show and am just shooting myself for not purchasing it - it only cost 20 pounds - and I am trying to figure out how to make it but can't so I think I should take my own advice and contact that fair's organizers. (By the way, I think the orange hat - 4th down - would look fabulous on you).

  6. Oh, the tartan tweed hat FOR SURE!!! Awesome!!!


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