January 23, 2014

Ice Music

The Norwegian Ice Music Festival has just concluded and when I saw a video of some of it on the Guardian, I thought you’d like to see it, too. The winters in Norway are long and dark, so there’s plenty of time to plot something fun like this. image

A group of ice carvers and musicians get together to make each of the instruments, including horns and other newly invented instruments. image

Blocks of ice, bottles of water and chainsaws are all used to create the instruments. image

During this time of year, there are about four hours of sunlight, imageso most of the work, and of course, the performances, take place in the darkness. image

To watch the Guardian’s video, click here. Or to visit the Ice Music site, click here.



  1. Thanks for sharing this Meg. Puts all of our winter whining to shame...

  2. watched the video + looks awesome. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  3. Truly amazing, a wonderful celebration and tribute to Winter!
    Thank you for sharing this video Meg.

  4. Hope their lips don't get stuck to the ice!!!


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