May 1, 2012

High Point: Part 5

I have so many wonderful images from High Point that I want to share, and I’ve been trying to get them into some sort of order, but it’s not working too well. So, I just thought I’d post some of the things I liked the best. There will be one more big HP post coming, and that will showcase the wonderful furniture of my sponsors, Hooker Furniture.

I spent some time just wandering around some of the numerous converted and purpose buildings in High Point, and loved almost everything I saw.Like this building that’s the showrooms of Natuzzi, the Italian leather company.

With my weakness for china, especially blue and white china, Mottahedah was one of the best stops. Even better, there was a huge sale going on!

I was so excited to spot Mrs. Howard’s new furniture line. Check out this trim on the showroom walls!Linen, twill tape and nail heads! WOW!

I had to go back to Wesley Hall to check out the settee that I’d seen at the Bunny Williams party. It was still gorgeous.The textured velvets are a trend that’s up and coming, and with pieces like this one, I think it will be around for a while.

Here’s a preview of some of the pieces I loved at Hooker Furniture. Hmmmm… wonder why I chose this one?

I would KILL to be able to get this bed, but in my wee farmhouse, it just won’t fit.

Even though this was just a prop in the showroom, I thought it was fun.

Stay tuned for lots more!


  1. Nate Berkus is talented, his show gave a lot of stuff away- rooms full of furniture, great ideas, he was uber personality, but those silly segments of contests he is not Ellen she is a comedienne and nate is a designer not a game show host- please leave the laughs to ellen. What is up with the most recent viewer I don't know where to put my chair she looked like they dragged her off the stable grounds those boots she was wearing cost at least 600 bucks.

  2. Meg I too love the fab chest from Hooker! The blue and white china has the most amazing detail! Thank so much for sharing!

    Art by Karena

  3. Adored everything you picked! Keep them coming.

  4. Sorry if I missed it, but who makes that fabulous bed?? My daughter would love it.

    That Bunny Williams settee is to die for. I love that beautiful fabric!

  5. Cyndia... the bed is from Hooker Furniture. It's fabulous, isn't it!!!

  6. Meg,

    The bed is FABULOUS!!!! And that chest is fabulous too!

    I cannot beleive all of the beautiful images from your adventure.


  7. I want that settee. I thought it was gorgeous when you first posted it but now I am ready to do serious bodily harm to someone if it means I can get my hands on that. The shape, the fabric, the detail. Magnificent.

  8. And, yeah, that bed's pretty amazing, too. Hooker has developed some really nice pieces, so would you kind sharing their price points when you tell us more about them? And who carries the line in the Bmore area?

  9. Gretchen... check their website for stockists and price lists. it's

  10. LOVE that citron green settee! Great fabric!


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