May 28, 2012

Then & Now

My friends over on Baltimore Fishbowl just posted a piece about the house where I grew up, and the people who are living there now. We lived in this house for about 30 years and sold it in the late 1990’s. It was such a gorgeous house and property, so it’s fun to see the changes that have occurred.

Here is a reminder of what the house looks like from the front when we lived there, in the spring10413and in the depths of winter, 1041and from the back.104

THEN:  The house had a huge front porch, with Mexican terracotta tiles, a long stone wall and plenty of flowers.1046

1045NOW:new 104

THEN: The front hall was filled with oriental rugs, perfect for rolling back to practice The Shag with friends.10412

Here’s a detail of the column cap.104 1

NOW: new 104 6 THEN: The dining room with its hand-printed Chinese wallpaper and curtains.10411

Here’s a detail of the wallpaper. 104 2

This is the picture that I have as the wallpaper on my laptop.10415

NOW:new 104 4

THEN: The living room with its mahogany chimney breast and stone faces.10410Here’s a detail of one of the stone faces.104 8

NOW:new 104 2

THEN: The landing between the first and second floors. We had a coat of arms in the windows, and removed it when we left.1048


There are more images of the house on Fishbowl, but these are the only ones I have of the same rooms.


  1. What a lovely house to grow up in. with all those azaleas in bloom and just love that porch. So glad you have pictures to share. Hope you and Connor are enjoying a relaxed weekend.

  2. would i be alone in thinking i liked the before's better? great house to grow up in!

  3. Those stone faces are really unusual do you know where they came from ? I also love the pictures with the azaleas and the snow.

    The house I grew up in built in the 1870/1880s was pulled down, the garden torn up. My mother would never go back to see its replacement.

  4. Lucky girl, to grow up in such a beautiful home with so much character. Love the details!

  5. This story and the pictures tug at my heart strings because I still have dreams about the house I grew up in -- the house that all others in my life are measured by. Yours is very stately, elegant and quite a substantial house, just gorgeous -- what a grand front porch! Definitely a house where lots of great memories would be made... Must be fun for you to see the pictures and reminisce!

  6. Dear Meg what a gorgeous property!I can only imagine all of the wonderful memories of growing up there!

    Art by Karena

  7. Meg, I agree with Debra of 5th and State, I liked the before images!

  8. Me, too--the "befores" are much more in tune with the house. THOSE AZALEAS!!! Be well. Mary

  9. What a gorgeous home. I think the house is really lovely, and those "before" images are incredible!

  10. I like the before better also. What were way they thinking when they replaced the dining room wallpaper!?

  11. Meg,
    The house you grew up in is wonderful. Thanks for sharing it. Barb H in the PNW

  12. I also prefer the before style. Meg, your mother's dining room was gorgeous! Sending love and calm, happy thoughts to Connor



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