May 8, 2012

Bid on These Maison Jansen Chairs!

Evergreen House is having their annual garden party this week and as part of the event, they hold an auction. Amongst the items to be auction this year are two spectacular chairs from Maison Jansen.

Distressed painted frames showcase elegantly eccentric hand-painted velvet upholstery, the patterning of which conveys a lush summer garden’s offerings.

JANSEN chairs

Pair of Louis XIV-Style Chairs, c. 1920

STAMPED: ‘JANSEN’; Argentina (Jansen maintained a workshop in Argentina from 1905 through the 1950s)

VALUE: $3,200

DONOR: Greenwich Living Antiques & Design Centre, Stamford, Connecticut, and Mr. Sam Pizzichillo

For more information or tickets to the event, please call 410-516-0341.


  1. Amazing chairs!

    PS Connor either hates it when you leave; or loves it when you leave so he can do "his thing"! He things he has a rooftop deck now.


    Art by Karena

  2. Oh my these are beautiful chairs, it it too bad that I have no where to put them.

    HOpe all is well with you and connor!


  3. Of course the style designation in the catalog is a typo, but that doesn't take away from the fact that they are great chairs. The proportions are so elegant and comfortable. I would place them in a location without frequent use so I could keep the original upholstery, but I would have them fitted with tie-on slipcovers, too.


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