May 3, 2012

High Point: Styling

One thing that excelled at High Point was the styling of the showrooms. Many of the showrooms had made little areas that mimicked rooms, complete with lots of interesting props.

This bedroom at Hooker Furniture was papered with pages from old books. Unlike the bathroom I did in my house, these pages were just tacked on at the top of the page and left to flutter in the breezes.I love this pagoda-style cabinet, and the pieces inside of it are perfect for it.I am still trying to figure our how I am going to display a number of transfer-ware plates, so this is a good suggestion.

Now on to some of the other showrooms… although I must confess, I am not sure which image came from where, but I guessed.

More book pages, this time with ceramic birds. Wesley Hall.

Always classic, blue and white, with a pop of green. Wesley Hall.

Rainbow books. I couldn’t live with these, I’d have to straighten them!  Wesley Hall.

One of my earliest sound memories is of my father ticking away on his old typewriter. Noir.

You saw it here first (or not), turquoise and orange.

More plates! Lilly Pulitzer

Love the pink and green and the flower in the take-out carton. Mottahedah 

Bulls eye mirrors. Mrs. Howard 

Drinks Tray and Blue & White. Beeline by Bunny Williams

Learn from the masters!


  1. So fun to see your photos! Maybe someday I will get back to High Point. So much to see!

  2. Wonderful styling. The high point of Hight Point for me!

  3. Adore the blue and green room from Wesley Hall!


    Art by Karena

  4. I like the loose pages on the Hooker room. It creates a nice texture. It would be fun to do for a season or two...followed by another season of spackling.

  5. There is such a talent to styling + adored this.

  6. I think that I am going to get out my collection of blue&white/ flow blue plates that I took off my walls about 12 years ago. What goes around usually comes back. Thanks. Mary

  7. Your High Point postings were so overwhelming and so well done with so much to post on. I have been trying to find the bubble door knobs and cannot find where they were posted. Could you please advise. I used to work in retail and once had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Mottahedeh. It was like a spiritual experience.

  8. Else... the bubble knobs are in the Hooker Furniture post. You might try anthropologie to find some.

  9. I love the book pages on the wall idea, but as a confirmed spider-phobe, I would insist that they be lacquered down flat. All those little nooks and crannies waiting to be hidden in by eight-legged creatures, right near the bed? AAAaaaaaaggghhh! And can you imagine trying to DUST that?

  10. Marcheline... i laquered the pages of an old french book to my downstairs loo. I think they put these up with post-it glue sticks.


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