April 30, 2012


I received a copy of the new Domino magazine when I was in High Point last week and so excited to get it! Until I started reading it. domino

I realize that all of the former editors and writers have moved on to new things, and that the new staff is just that… new. But almost everything in the magazine is old. domino1I do not have the encyclopedic recall of the magazine like many do, but I certainly recognized much of the content. Because a lot of the items in the images are no longer available at their original source or price, many of the image sources say “similar to shown”.domino4

Although there is no advertising in this special issue, I would have been seriously unhappy if I’d paid the $11.00 cover price. domino2One of the things I did like was the Catty Corner, but it only listed four things, and there could have been loads more.

I hope that the new Domino staff reads some of the reviews of the magazine, and believe me, there are PLENTY, and takes the advice of the blogosphere. Look what happened to Nate Berkus when he made the bloggers unhappy… his show got cancelled.

So, what I am saying is that Domi-NEW is really DomiNO!


  1. I bought it without looking at it and when I got home was appalled also, to find that it is all recycled content. I recognized a LOT, although I did miss the first few issues of the original Domino. It was a big bore - and I also looked over the names and saw none I recognized. What are they trying to do?? And they are threatening another fall issue. Really? A re-birth of Domino would be lovely but not this!



  2. I think I missed it--what did Nate Berkus do to annoy bloggers?

  3. Big faux pas by the sound. They must assume one of two things, either people don't really read their publication so they won't notice the duplication, or two, people are stupid. Either way, why bother. I don't think its there for the long haul, do you?
    Like the catty corner. I agree they could have elaborated more.

  4. I agree. If I was going to pay ten bucks for a magazine, it would have to be something like this:


  5. Yep, I bought it and was under-whelmed. I want the original inspiring Domino spark, not a "want-a-be"..Mary

  6. I wish them luck; however a very poor start for a new staff and magazine debut!

    Art by Karena

  7. sooo agree with you, Meg! on each & every point. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  8. I'm with everyone here...sounds like a typical Conde Nast cash-out move, which is pretty slimy, to simply make money on theDomino name with no real work put into it. BUT...like Mamacita, I have to ask, Meg, how can you tease us about the bloggers doing in Nate's show, and not dish what happened?! Do tell!

  9. Bloggers had nothing to do with the canceling of the Nate Berkus show. It seems many bloggers now have an overrated opinion of themselves and their so called "influence". If it is true that bloggers were the reason why the show was cancelled, then they are responsible for the many people who worked on the show, and are now losing their job. I would not want that on my conscious.

  10. Anon@19:46, I know that the bloggers did not have anything to do with Nate's show getting cancelled. But they could have given him a HUGE boost when he started if he'd acknowledged the group of them who came to NYC on very short notice, and on their own dimes.

    I realize that the show they were on wasn't about bloggers, but he never acknowledged their presence there, and when he finally said something to them, it was to the effect that he didn't read blogs.

    I know a lot of this first-hand, because, as you may or may not know, I was a guest on the Nate Berkus Show shortly after it started airing, and had several long conversations about what happened with some of the producers and executive producer.

    And the "so-called influence" of bloggers is very much alive and well. Not all bloggers, and certainly not me, but there are many very influential bloggers writing these days. And they can make or break a product.

  11. I thought everything looked familiar. Glad I'm not the only one to notice. I loved domino. such a bummer when it closed down,, but this was just a reprise--nothing really new. thank goodness for blogs, I guess.

  12. I wasn't a consistent follower of Domino, picked it up occasionally. I was really looking forward to the issue. After I bought it, I noticed that the content was tired rather than inspiring. Then I saw the Washington Post article, more of a blurb, really, which said it was all rehashed. Then everything made sense.
    Paula ~ Mise en scène

  13. Meg,

    I could not agree with you more about Domino as well as the NAte Show.

    Domino was a progessive and great magazine that fell to the way side suppisidly because of economics, now it is back and as you said the old team has moved on. This magazine for $11.00 is sad. People spend their hard earned money on luxeries like magazines and this is a rip off for them.

    As for the Nate show and the power of bloggers...here are the facts, bloggers are incredibly influential! For example Rhonda from All the Best, her blog helped her creat a career in which she advises decorators and companies oh how to use social media to grow their business.

    Jenny from My Little Green Notebook, Mariane from Miss Mustars Seed, Holly from Decor8 , Young House Love and so many others have taken their personal blogs and made them into businesses, books and products, not to mention one word on a blog like these can propel or damage a product.

    Companies are using bloggers to sell magazine space, commercials, books and so much more.

    As you said, maybe the bloggers did not sink the nate show but I am sure that they could have done more for his show with a little more support from him.

    Love this post, Elizabeth

  14. Thanks for the heads up on DomiNo. The catty corner could be fun though I disagree with the meow on flowers. I'm a rabid gardener and can't be objective about what constitutes an absurd quantity of flowers.

  15. Wait a minute, on their own dime-- a blogger goes to new york on their own dime to appear on a show they will write about in their blog. On their own TAX deductible dime- I would suggest. Bloggers should be re writing the tax code if travel writers so called free lance travel writers deduct travel expenses then why not bloggers?? IT IS a Brave new World Bloggers unite get a savvy CPA and write and Deduct and Prosper

  16. I loved Domino so much from the first issue to the last and was very excited for the reboot. I was completely disappointed by my $11 purchase. The old farmhouse, seriously, was not inspiring the first time and was the last one that should have been repeated...[unfortunately this was repeated for the second time, it is also featured in the otherwise amazing book "American Fashion Designers at Home"]. Domino Quick Fixes was a sad reminder that Domino is gone. I do recommend buying a subscription to Veranda (Domino-alum Dara Caponigro is the Editor) and reading the Wall Street Journal Magazine which is edited by Deborah Needleman and features several other Domino alums.


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