April 16, 2012

Party Venue

A few months ago, I wrote about the invitation I created for the Baltimore Architecture Foundation’s 25th Anniversary Party on April 28th.BAF25-600x469 I'd been by the venue where we are having the party, but I hadn’t been inside. One of the reasons that I love old buildings is the sheer volume of detailing that fills them. The interior of this building, One East Lexington Street, is full of a creamy marble. From the small water fountain right as you come in the door, (shame about the hideous pipe!)to the double height walls, everything’s marble.

There are several of these brass sign holders, and I can’t help but wonder what they were for.Everything about them is perfection.

The old safe is still in situ, and we thought it would be fun to use for the bar, but knowing our friends, there would be a massive traffic jam.Love the locks inside of it.There’s some decorative element to each part of the safe.Even though they’ve replaced the bulbs with the hideous energy efficient ones, the lights are still pretty terrific.There are some small offices that take advantage of the double height of the space, and that’s where we’re putting the DJ.

One of the fun things I discovered when I explored this building is actually the building next door to it.I guess I will have to do a series of images on Dutch-influenced buildings in Baltimore now.

Tickets to the BAF 25th Anniversary Party are available here.


  1. Well done on the invitations. As a fundraiser, they should cast reproductions of the sign holders to sell. If the size was right, they could be adapted for address markers, exit signs, wall lights, etc.

  2. This reminds me of why I love Baltimore. (I went to Goucher . . . oh, a good number of years ago.) Like your building, the city itself is just filled with architectural treasures.

  3. You've put Baltimore on my list of must-see places. Love that office space with the lovely couch and the wall of glass. (Sigh).

  4. Great choice!
    I would love to own that Chesterfield sofa !

  5. Meg your invitation is beautiful!! I love all of the details you shared, a stunning building, can you imagine the cost to replicate a structure like this?!

    Art by Karena

  6. Hi Meg, The invitations are perfect--but that interior is to die for--I cannot imagine what it would cost to construct to day. Thanks. Mary

  7. Loved the invitations!+ the building. You are one talented lady(do we ever get tired of hearing a compliment.xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  8. Ive loved that invitation since I first saw it!



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