April 25, 2012

Today’s Highlights: One Small and One Big

I am still sorting through the 700+ images I took at High Point, and trying to assemble them into some sort of order so that I can post about the trends that I saw.

I had two highlights of my day today.I took Connor to the local DIY dog bath. I’ve always been happy to pay for someone to do this, but when I heard that there was a doggie wash a few blocks from my house, I decided to do it myself. Let’s just say that Connor wasn’t happy, I wasn’t happy and we were both soaking wet when all was said and done.But Connor is so soft now and his fur is all fluffy.

The second highlight of my day was attending a lecture at Evergreen House by the Devoted Classicist, John Tackett.devoted classicist His lecture was on “A Devotion to Classicism: The Enduring Popularity in Decorative Arts”, a subject about which John is passionate.His lecture was filled with gorgeous examples of classic architecture and design from Monticello and the Hermitage to the Kluge Mansion. I’ve e-mailed back and forth with John since he started his blog, The Devoted Classicist, about 18 months ago. It was such fun to meet him in person and chat.

Also, thanks to Diane who drove down from New Jersey for the lecture and who was kind enough to introduce herself to me, and to Sally Steponkus, who brought her “crew” up from DC for the lecture. It was great to meet you all!


  1. Meg,

    Did you have a plasticky apron to wear at the diy dog wash? That's what Muddy Mutts in Arlington has on hand for clients and I've found that it keeps a lot of the water off of my clothes. Even so, I change clothes once I get back from the dog wash. My dogs don't like going to the wash either, but it's nice to have them clean.

    Connor looks cute in the tub. Hope he has forgiven you by now!

  2. Yay!!! More Connor pics!! We have one of those coffee-and-dog wash places here in Annapolis and I've never braved it. But The Greyhound is smelling a bit ripe these days so I need to come up with something for Mr. Neurosis that won't traumatized him. As for the discussion, I sure wish I'd known about it. Sounds far more enticing than the college fair I "get" to drive to Timonium tonight to initiate my daughter in the wonderful world of college applications!

  3. Your pictures of Connor are so adorable + he says "All is forgiven, Mom. I love how I feel". The lecture sounds divine. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  4. Wish I could have been there! I'm a huge fan of John's blog, too. M.

  5. Thanks for the shout out, Meg! Loved seeing you after enjoying the lecture. We will get in touch before heading to Charm City next time so we can hang out more!

  6. Meg, it was indeed a pleasure to meet you and one of my many highlights of the day, too! I loved visiting Baltimore!

  7. You have the most interesting life and blog I can find.
    A DIY dog wash would be the Cat's Meow! Wish we could add one to all the Chinese Restaurants and consingment shops here in the Burg.

  8. Hi Meg, I'm a little late to this post.......Jones had a bath, also. But I gave up bathing him myself when he was about 8 months and huge. My back is worth it.


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