April 9, 2010

Welding Lessons

Not really welding, actually, but metal cutting. When I went over to Housewerks for my weekly coffee talk with the owner Tracey, I found her getting a lesson in metal cutting from her business partner, Ben. welding 001 As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Housewerks has just taken apart an old Bethlehem Steel works and they have a ton, literally, of metal odds and ends.welding 005

She’s planning to use two of these metal carts for industrial-style planters and needed to add holes to the bottoms of them for drainage.

welding 003 welding 004

Out came the acetelyn-oxygen torch and tanks and off to work they went, with Ben leading the way and Tracey learning.welding 017While Ben and Tracey wore dark safety goggles, welding 023 I just looked at the brilliant white light coming from the torch, fascinated with the way it could melt and then cut the metal. welding 015 Unfortunately, Tracey’s goggles were a little too big, so Ben had to hold them onto her face.

welding 008 welding 013

After about 10 minutes’ work, ten holes were drilled in the bottoms of two carts/planters, and they were on their way to a new home and a new purpose.


  1. Meg I have always wanted to do some metal work scuptures. In fact I will have a feature & Interview up soon with a renowned area artist!

    Art by Karena

  2. i took a welding class a few years back, and it kinda scared me, so so much for my future as a famous metal sculptor...

  3. Love the idea of creating metal sculptures...but I can't quite see me doing it! Sadly...xv

  4. I was absolutely terrified when I learned how to weld - and I felt as if time stood still!

  5. Those carts are great. Filled with large trees they would make a great statement.

  6. I don't want to learn how to weld. I just want a pair of those kick _ss goggles.

  7. Looks way fun. Those are huge planters!


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