April 25, 2010

Give Us a Hand!

My friend David at McLain Wiesand, is gearing up for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s annual Showhouse which is being held at a house called Woodholme. BSO Showhouse Constructed in 1925 during prohibition, this Tudor-style home features two hidden liquor storage areas: a sliding cabinet behind a bookcase and a wine cellar built into the dining room wall.  The four bedroom, three and a half bath home also features a library, a sun porch and an alchemist’s chamber. David got the Alchemist’s Chamber.

He’s been chronicling his adventures in designing his space on his blog, and when I was looking at some pictures, I found something that I just loved!MW sconce It’s a sconce made from an artist’s model’s wooden hand, with an Edison Bulb! Is it medieval, masculine, industrial, gothic or steampunk?  There are two of them with their cords trailing down the walls. hand sconce2The sconces reminded me of two I had seen recently at Gore-Dean (where we had a fun time yesterday afternoon!), that are two fists clutching candles. Gore Dean x04 Go over to David’s and look at the fun process he’s done of transforming a room!


  1. What an interesting home Meg, I'll go and take a look at David's work right now.

    Art by Karena

  2. Nice post...LOVE your new header!!!!! K

  3. gee, thanks for giving me a "hand" in drawing some attention to the showhouse room we are doing!!

  4. When an item defies those other conventional categories, steampunk seems a good fit to me. Very interesting, definitely unique.
    What I really want to know is what the heck goes on in an alchemist's chamber? Is that seriously the room's original designation?

  5. Definitely steampunk. And... um.... is it just me, or do other possible additions to "the hand" come to your mind? You know, like, NAUGHTY ones?

    I'd be tempted to have a garden party and serve sausages, each guest gets one in their own plaster hand...



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