April 27, 2010

More Pretty Houses… and Some Others

This is the best time of year to walk around gorgeous old neighbourhoods and look at houses, either ones on the market, or not. Here are a couple that I spotted after the house tour on Sunday.

I have a hard time with this house, which could be very handsome… but someone put the wrong windows in it, and took off the shutters. The windows are totally incongruent with the formal front door.

guilford 4-10 001 These two are essentially the same house, but the right one looks more finished with its dark shutters.

guilford 4-10 005 guilford 4-10 019

Here’s what you can’t see very well on the house on the right…guilford 4-10 020 A little Westie barking at me taking pictures. The home-owners need to do something about their shutters. Also, I am wondering if that’s a staircase bisecting the window. What do you think?

After a year, I am still undecided about the colour of this house. I am inclined to think that a more subtle colour would suit the house and neighbourhood a bit better. guilford 4-10 006 This house is vaguely L-shaped, but what really makes it special is the view from the front door out to the back garden.

 guilford 4-10 008
guilford 4-10 009

This house has recently had a lot of work done to it, including all new Pella windows. Very Tudor-style and a massive place.

guilford 4-10 010 guilford 4-10 011

And the detail of the front door.guilford 4-10 012

Another Tudor-style pile, this time in stone.guilford 4-10 013 I really liked this brick Georgian-style house, guilford 4-10 016but what really caught my eye was the funny stone/cement hippo on the front.guilford 4-10 016x I think that this is one of my favourites. Love the colour, loved the details, love the round sun room on the south side of the house.guilford 4-10 022 Which do you like best? Why?


  1. I really like the last house. Love the color, the grandeur and southern-ness of it. It also looks like it has the most mature landscape! I couldn't tell from the photo, are the walls stuccoed or painted brick?

  2. Carollynn... I think that the last house is stucco. I will check it out.

  3. The last one - with the half-round sunroom - has been one of my favorite houses for YEARS!

  4. Love the Tudors. Because I love the Tudor style in general, and I really love all the stone work. But all these houses are way too big for my liking -- I'd rather have a small cottage in the woods. However, I do agree with ilovelimegreen about the half-round sun room.

  5. I'll take 2. The Stone Tudor for the holidays....and the last one with the sunroom for the warmer months!

  6. I love the massive Tudor front door and drive entrance. But yesterday's house post that's a short sale is my favorite.

  7. Thanks for posting the pictures. I can't tell you how many times I have had the same thoughts about these houses. I used to live in Roland Park and would see them. It's instantly recognizable - their faces just aren't right.

  8. Meg, can't believe I didn't run into you at this House & Garden Tour in Guilford!

    That last one I recognize -- also one of my favorites -- it's on Bishops Road, such a sweet little street. And the one with the color you said should be a little more subtle? Nah, it's beautiful. Love it. Also one of my longtime faves.

    So glad the rain held off that day. It was grey, but it was beautiful -- the colors of the gardens really popped.

  9. Only the stone Tudor, but I think I'd have liked it better if it was a regular Tudor. The stone is a bit "too much of a good thing", imho.


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