April 18, 2010

I See Elephants

And oddly enough, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen elephants in the streets of Baltimore!  Every year, when the circus leaves town, the elephants parade through the streets on their way to the railroad siding where they’re loaded onto cars to go to their next destination.elephants 001Last year, they let the crowd watch the elephants being loaded onto the train cars, but we couldn’t see them this year.

Here’s a little video of the elephants, and ponies.

It’s just one more thing I love about city life.


  1. What a fun memory that would make for any little kids who live in your neighborhood. "I remember the year the elephants walked down my street..."

  2. That's funny that they do it on the way out of town. They used to advertise the arrival of the circus by parading all the animals through town- these guys seem to have it backwards! That is still pretty cool, though!
    - Meg

  3. That sounds very exciting. I haven't seen elephants before I hope to see one soon.

  4. How fun!! That wouldbequite a sight!

    Art by Karena

  5. When The Big Apple Circus comes to Arlington they invite the neighborhoods nearby to come watch the elephants raise the big top. All the trainers for all the animals were there to talk about and show off their charges. It's very cool.

  6. What a great tradition! Made me think of one of my favorite books as well, "Water for Elephants."

  7. Susie, I was going to say the very same thing.

    I'd love to see this.

  8. When I worked on Capitol Hill, they would unload the elephants off the trains and then parade them under my office window on Independence Avenue, next to the Capitol. I would always leap up and run through the garage to the street to see them. It's a wonderful memory and rather amazing, isn't it? I hope you go to see them every year. How can one tire of looking at elephants walking down a city street?


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