April 20, 2010

Belgravia & The City

I have been seeing some amazing pictures from the upcoming “Sex & The City, II” movie around the interwebs.

In Big and Carrie’s dining room, you can see their dining room chairs, which are upholstered in “Belgravia”, a Lee Jofa fabric. I am not really wild about the tile behind them, especially in the context of the dining room. BelgraviaI happened to see some of this delightful fabric at DeBois Textiles this past weekend! They even have it in a few colourways. These pictures are from January, but they still have some.


Belgravia1From the Royal Oak Foundation’s collection. Royal Oak is the American arm of the UK’s National Trust.

So if you want to be like Big and Carrie, you can do it with some Belgravia.


  1. Okay, so I'm down in Anne Arundel County, and I just recently found your blog and spend this past Sunday at Antique Exchange and Housewerks after seeing them here on Pigtown Design. I was really disappointed to be unable to go along on Tour de Baltimore in March!

    I just have a question about DeBois Fabrics. Are the fabrics you show available to the general public? Because you mention being able to browse their warehouse from time to time. I have been hunting for months in search of fabric for various things around my house with no luck! You always seem to come up with good finds at DeBois, I want to give them a go.

  2. Meg I love, love this Belgravia pattern especially in the red/ gold/ periwinkle pattern. Are you making a pillow or two?

    Art by Karena

  3. You are such a good sleuth! I love analyzing movie room design. But you are right -- that blue tile is a bit jarring. No matter -- I am SO going to see SATC when it's out. There was a great trailer for it during Glee last night!

  4. I did a similar post on Monday and also noticed this fabric (in another colorway) at Deboise when I visited. That place is the best... And, I cannot wait for the movie!

  5. The design elements would be the only thing that could possibly get me to watch this movie. Sorry, SATC fans, but I just never could cotton on to the show. Though I'll give you this -- the trailer does look rather delicious, as Jennifer Sargent said above -- I also saw it during Glee (speaking of delicious -- Matthew Morrison!).

    Anyway, the Mighty Meg is ever on the lookout for fab design, wherever it may be!


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