April 26, 2010

The Stone House, Redux

About this time last year, I wrote about an amazing stone house that I’d seen while walking around the Baltimore neighbourhood of Guilford.  It really ticked a lot of my boxes with its stone walls, French front doors, slightly unkempt gardens and massive size.

4004 4004 front2

But it’s really the three French doors in the Palladian style that just tug at me.4004 3 french doorsYesterday, I realized that the house was on the market, so I did a bit of sleuthing and found some interior images of it. Now I love it even more! Although, I must admit, it’s a bit large for just Connor and me, at nine bedrooms and six baths.

4401 rear 4004 rear

The main floor features a marble floor in a black and white diamond pattern, and loads and loads of gorgeous wood paneling.  I am guessing that the front doors are possibly at your back in this image. 4004 foyerThis view looks like it’s from the left side of the image above, looking through the arched door. 4004 hallNaturally, this house has a library… or the “den” as they real estate website refers to it. I think that’s a little casual for this room! 4004 library Here are two views of the main living room in all its wood-paneled glory… and glass pocket doors. 4004 living room 2 4004 living room The dining room’s wood paneling has been painted white, which brightens the room enormously! 4004 dining room There’s a window seat, but there needs to be another solution for the curtains. I wonder if the radiators were a later addition? 4004 dining room and window seatEven though there are six bathrooms, this is the only picture. But what a great shower! 4004 shower And although there are nine bedrooms, there isn’t one single picture of those. I think that is something anyone who is interested in the house would want to see. There are two images of the stairs. One is the main staircase, here leading from the second to the third floor, 4004 stairs and these, from the ground floor to the second floor.4004 stairs to 3 Since there are also no pictures of the kitchen, save this one of the modern ice box,4004 fridge I am assuming the kitchen was not fit to be shown! 

I would KILL to see the inside of this house and was greatly disappointed that it wasn’t open yesterday during a major house and garden tour of the neighbourhood where it’s located.  Although the family who owned this house lived there for 30+ years, it’s a short sale for $1.2 million. Details here.

Some images from MLIS. Others by moi!


  1. amazing house -thats a LOT of wood (which personally isn't my thing) but it will probably need some updating. Great period home though for someone looking to do a restoration! Work your way in, I know you can -we all need to see MORE!

  2. oh come on - buy it - you know you want it and the taxes are only $30000 a year - sweet mother!!! thats more than my house is worth.

    security word def - "botosq" - the elegant spelling of botox

  3. Love the stone work (which is what I'd like for my next home) -- and the black and white floor! Beautiful house. Thanks, -susan

  4. How sad--a short-sale after all of those years! Definitely a great house.

  5. with a little interior paint over the wood, wow. that marble. the staircase. gorgeous. i love your header of the bath in your parent's house!!!! amazing!!!!

  6. Oh, the ice box, the ice box. My kingdom for that ice box!


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