April 8, 2010

Trunk Show at McLain Wiesand

I met up with one of my readers (Hey Susan!) to go to the fabric and wall-covering trunk show at David Wiesand’s shop today. The location was a perfect place to have it, foremost because of the room they have there, and secondly, because of the great contrast between his workshop with all of the tools of the trade against the gorgeous silks, satins, linens and papers. It’s the “rough luxe” concept perfected. MW Fabric Showing 001

The houses that were participating included Zoffany, Thibaut, Osborne & Little, Sanderson, Donghia and Old World Weavers.

The trends for Spring 2010 seemed to be a lot of shine against matte. There were some amazing Sanderson wall-coverings that had great combinations of the two textures. 

MW Fabric Showing 008 MW Fabric Showing 011

This was also reflected in the fabrics, many of which had fanciful machine embroidery on them. 

MW Fabric Showing 019 MW Fabric Showing 020

I loved the combination of the sophisticated embroidered flowers on the rougher linens. MW Fabric Showing 030 

Here are some others that caught my eye!

MW Fabric Showing 029 MW Fabric Showing 021
MW Fabric Showing 043 MW Fabric Showing 004

One more great thing I saw at David’s was a new piece from his collection. How about this?MW Fabric Showing 010

Thanks to David for including me, and to Susan for accompanying me! It was a fun morning.


  1. Wow, great stuff! That linen with the pink embroidered flowers, in particular, is GEE-OR-GEOUS!!!
    : ) Meg

  2. Meg, so gorgeous! Love the fabrics and would love to see up close and personally!!

    Art by Karena

  3. So many gorgeous fabrics - I feel weak at the knees. I had a friend once who hoarded bolts of fabric - she used to hide them from her husband under beds and in closets. This is tempting me to go crazy like that!

  4. I love all these gorgeous new floral patterns. Especially the oversized embroidered ones! Lovely!


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