December 17, 2009

Thank You, Joni

In a spare five minutes this afternoon, I clicked on Cote de Texas to check out what fabulous new thing Joni Webb, the authoress was talking about. What to my wondering eyes should appear, but my berries header! What’s this, I thought… As I scrolled down the post, I just started crying. It was a lovely generous article about me, and the kids at Woodbourne, where I work. Cote de TexasJoni had seen the video I posted yesterday, and had decided to share it, and our story, with her readers who number multiple times what mine are! I was just overwhelmed by her asking her readers to contribute to our kids, and contribute they have.Joni's Roses

Joni… you’re one of the best things that’s come my way through blogging. I am deeply honoured that you’ve chosen to highlight the plight of the children at Woodbourne, and that you have said such lovely things about me! Thank you so very much!



  1. Joni is the best! But then, so are you.
    Merry Christmas and I hope the boys have a wonderful one as well.
    And a Happy Hanukkah to Joni!

  2. Aw thanks. You are always the nicest. Consistently. There's nothing I wouldn't do for you. And I think you feel the same by your actions. I'm just thrilled I might help to get one of those kids a present or two.

  3. Meg, our post this morning featured Heifer International and Woodbourne. Hope it helps.

  4. My check is in the mail, and God Bless you. Ann


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