December 20, 2009

Weekend Update

The final tally was 21 inches of snow in less than 24 hours! Technically, we are in the South here in Baltimore, so when we get a snowfall of this magnitude, it throws us into a tizzy! Stores were closed yesterday, public transport stopped running and everyone hunkered down at home.

I managed to get my car cleared off today after about an hour of digging. Here’s the before and after shot.

12-19 011 snow3

It was such fun walking around today in the beautiful clear weather and seeing how gorgeous everything looked with a coating of brilliant white snow. Here’s a house we saw that was perfectly decorated for Christmas.snow8 We saw this little darling sitting next to a wee snowman her mother had made. There’s nothing more fun that watching a child play in the snow for the first time.snow5 I am in awe of how incredible the response has been to our video! We have been getting on-line donations from you all and from Joni’s Cote de Texas readers. My friend Maxminimus has also added the link to his blog, which has a great readership. If you’d like to add it to your blog, please feel free to spread the word!meg_and_connor3 Thank you all so much from me, and from the children in our care at Woodbourne.


  1. Meg you are wonderful. I am currently supporting some needy children in Kansas City, I know you will get tons of donations!

  2. Meg- you are great! An inspiration in so many ways. Enjoy the snow! We head up to Maryland later this week and hope to see some of it- though prefer it doesn't impact our travel!

  3. Meg -
    May the donations continue through the New Year! Connor looks like he has a snowbank to dive into! Enjoy the snow before it all melts! (We only got 12" in NYC - but that was enough to really make it look like Christmas!)

  4. Great winter shots! I've cleaned off my car somewhat...just haven't dug it out yet. LOL. Be safe in the snow.

  5. Thanks for the upclose and personal weather update. I thought about you and the other bloggers in the area. Glad you're safe.



  6. omg! I am snow jealous!!!!! how gorgeous is this?!!

    AND YOU, my dear, look too adorable. I love Connor's collar. did you have to shovel out your car? wow. ok, that I wouldn't like to do!!!!

  7. You can't imagine how fully satisfied it felt to make out a check for $100 and send it to a person I don't know but am convinced is doing work that is both necessary and important. Good job at this most tender of times. Ann


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