December 13, 2009

Halcyon for the Holidays

Saturday was one of those fun days, with lots of running around, stopping by favourite shops for a cup of home-made eggnog laced with bourbon and scouring for presents for friends and family.

Last spring I wrote about stylish Stiles Colwill’s shop, Halcyon House Antiques, and declared it one of my favourite spots in Baltimore. Of course, I am not the only one awed by Stiles’ great taste, he’s been the subject of several stories in Southern Accents magazine (RIP) over the years. I knew that Halcyon House would be dressed for Christmas and I couldn’t wait to see it! Come along with me and we’ll take a tour of the house.

 We were greeted in the front hallway by a tray with festive ruby glassware and a faux ivory ice bucket, 12-12 018and a table filled with paper white narcissus. 12-12 040 I loved this mantelpiece with a variety of miniature trees as a subtle nod to the upcoming holidays. What was even better was warmth of the fires in some of the fireplaces. Just perfect on a chilly winter afternoon. 12-12 024The dining room table was set with bamboo cutlery, loads of crystal candlesticks with beautiful red candles, gorgeous linens, and sparkling glassware.12-12 026 There were more containers full of flowering paper-white narcissus in the sunroom. Their spicy scent always reminds me of the holidays.12-12 035 As we headed upstairs, we discovered the bedroom filled with stunning John Robshaw linens and fabrics. As I mentioned yesterday, I also found the chair that I fell in love with earlier this week.12-12 041 The fireplace mantel in this room was topped by a brilliant collection of blue and white pieces, which I adore.12-12 043 The little Billy Baldwin-inspired sitting room was filled with fun and funky plates from John Derian & Co. and a great selection of handbags.12-12 048 The second bedroom was a treasure trove of my favourite things: bags, beads and cashmere! Stiles has had some carry-all bags made from old Hudson’s Bay blankets. Once the bags are made up, they’re sent to a saddle and bridle shop which adds the handles. From there, the bags go to another workshop which affixes the decorative fasteners. How cute is that hound? {Answer: Not as cute as Connor!}

12-12 054 12-12 055

I loved these beads in a deep oxblood colour. The turquoise ones remind me of the chic Mrs. Blandings.12-12 080There was a small selection of cashmere scarves. Stiles said they’d sold the other colours to go along with the other wool carry bags they had. What a great idea.

12-12 065 12-12 060

After we finished examining every single thing in the shop, we caught our breath and spent a few moments looking out over the beautiful property where the store is located. 12-12 081 Thanks to Stiles and Eric for letting me take their time and for being so patient as I took dozens of photographs!


  1. First off?
    Your header pic took my breath away!
    And, perhaps you could lead a guided tour of stores such as this the next holiday season?
    I would be the first to sign up.
    Some day I will do a post on the annual holiday house tour in New Hope, Pa. The year I went Dorothy Parker's former home was on the tour.

  2. Paperwhites and John Robshaw -- heavenly. I think I could move in today.

  3. Green walls, red lampshades and a checkered floor? Yes, please! What a beautiful place, Meg.

  4. Wow! What a fabulous place...a definite 'must see' next time I am in Baltimore! So much fun....

  5. A terrific spot - and those beads do look like mine. Love the oxblood, too.

  6. I was oohing & awwwing @ each photo. What a lovely shop, just where I'd die to spend a few hours. If they were serving eggnog & bourbon, even longer. Great fun Meg!

  7. Gorgeous! Thanks for the wee tour. Hope you have a lovely Christmas! xo Terri

  8. Makes me want to pack my bags and fly to Baltimore! What a lovely shop!!

  9. Meg, how wonderful! beautiful images. I wish they would do a tote giveaway, they are fabulous....

  10. I gave you a mention in my blog today- expect guests!

  11. Second the nomination that Connor is more ornamental!

  12. Looks like a great store. Really like the round mirror in the square frame.


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