December 25, 2009

The Queen’s Christmas Speech 2009

Another tradition that I observe is listening, and now watching, Queen Elizabeth II’s Christmas speech to her subjects, both in the UK, and scattered around the countries of the Commonwealth.

As always, this year’s speech was wide ranging, touching on topics as varied as the war in Afghanistan and the current state of the environment.

However, the best part of the speech is the playing of “God Save the Queen” on the steel drums in Jamaica. It’s worth watching the video just to see this!


  1. Meg...
    That was amazing drum work! Elizabeth keeps well (as we say in our family).
    Hope your holiday was fine and Connor was visited by Santa.

  2. Wasn't that nice? Thank you for posting that. Given some of the things I've heard on the streets of Washington this past week, "uplifting" is good.

  3. That was delightful! "For those of us who are less-fortunate than ourselves" -- she's the Queen of England, is there anyone who isn't?

    Grand old gel!

    May there always be an England,

  4. There's a tiny clip in there from her visit to Bermuda (she was here before going on to T+T) - the kids waving in front of the b+w photo of HM + HRH from their 1953 visit.

    Are you sure those steel pan players are in Jamaica?

  5. I'm so glad you've drawn this to the attention of readers. It is an historic and interesting tradition, and Christmas is all about the warmth of tradition. What many people forget, is that while she is the Queen of England, she is also the Head of State in Canada!


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