December 9, 2009

An Ever Green Evening

I’ve written about Evergreen House several times, and been to some great events there, including a lecture on Maison Jansen and another on Billy Baldwin.Evergreen 012

Tomorrow evening will be another special trip to this historic house.  The event’s billing is as follows:

Welcome the holiday season at Evergreen Museum & Library—bedecked with festive splendor including trees artfully trimmed by some of Baltimore’s leading artisans, designers, and architects, including an Aesthetic Movement dazzler by decorative arts authority Andrew Van Styn; a minimalist, Origami non-tree by architect Jonathan McIntyre; and a giant tree entirely handmade of paper created by George Rickles, owner of Swoon Creative Group. Participate in a silent auction of one-of-a-kind, professionally decorated children’s playhouses, and celebrate the opening of the second annual Johns Hopkins student photography show, Evergreen as Muse. Mulled cider and seasonal refreshments will warm all, a festooned period sleigh will serve as the perfect backdrop for your own photographic memories, and the museum shop will be filled with unique gift ideas.Evergreen 049

Wow! I wonder if this means I can take pictures in the house without sneaking!


  1. I envy you attending this wonderful event Meg! Have fun galore!

  2. Meg, you can take pix there as long as you don't use a flash.

  3. Meg, it sounds like a great event! Take lots of pictures to share.

    I was in Evergreen House, once, when I worked at Hopkins, for an employee thing. I think it's time to go back now that I'm not an employee!

  4. Evergreen as inspiration sounds wonderful. I feel sure they would let you take pictures if they knew you would use them so beautifully.

  5. How lucky! Can't wait to see the photos.
    PS- LOVE the new header photo. So festive yet organic.

  6. enjoy, meg! love the berries too!


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