March 31, 2009


Well, it's finally here! April Food Day looks like it's going to be a huge success. All day today, I was getting e-mails from bloggers and others, asking for links to the websites, the April Food Day logo and copy for their blogs. If you still want to participate and need any of that information, please click here, where it is all listed. I have a big grant due tomorrow and am pushed to get it in by 5:00!

On the April Food Day site, there's a list of participating blogs. I know that this only represents a portion of who is posting about April Food Day. Everyone has a slightly different take on their post, and it's so interesting to read them. If you know anyone who has posted, but isn't on the list, please let me know.

For my contribution, I am emptying out a copper pot where I dump my change. The last time I checked, there was about $260 in there, so I am going to donate half of that to Feeding America, and half to the Maryland Food Bank, here in Baltimore.

Chris at Easy & Elegant Life and I send our deepest thanks and appreciation to everyone who has posted. The need is great and the time is now... and you have helped make this project a success. Thank you.


  1. Working on mine now - thank you for all the work you did to get this up and running!

  2. Meg, I'm working on my April Food Day post as we speak on my blog, fancy and folly. Thank you so so much for this hard work and for inspiring so many to join the cause. Kudos!

  3. This is wonderful! I just posted my April Food Day.
    Thanks for inspiring so many to pull up our sleeves, post and lend a hand and contribute.

  4. Thank you for providing the inspiration and tools to blog about something seriously important. While we love to blog about style, we also have concerns for our fellow human beings!

  5. meg, post is scheduled to run in the wee hours of the morning.

    my thanks to you and chris for putting such effort into creating april food day, and for making it so darn easy for slackers like myself to participate.

    you're a good egg, meg!

  6. Thanks for putting this project together. I did a little post on my blog and made my donation. Hopefully this will make a difference.

  7. Meg, it begins with awareness... Thank you for making many of us more aware...

  8. I have posted but apparently am not tech savvy enough to post photos other than my the logo is missing. Sorry.

  9. I wanted to congratulate you Meg on a wonderful effort and what looks to be an outstanding result. My links are up now, too. xv

  10. Thanks to you and the founder of Easy & Elegant Life. A worthy cause, I've made my donation and put a little blog piece together.

  11. Happy April Food Day Meg. I'm looking forward to reading everyone's posts.

  12. I'm so happy PVE pointed this out. Thanks so much for this. My post is up. What wonderful work.

  13. Meg - Congrats to you and to Chris for creating a blogging phenomenon for a great cause. I've been visitng some of the sites with April Food Day Posts and they're all excellent.

  14. Thank you for all of your hard work and efforts!!

  15. Thank you for making me aware of this project. I've posted on my blog as well as on Facebook and I'm hoping that my friends will post, too. Sadly, I live in a state with one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation and the problem is critical here.

  16. Links are up & running...I myself have done the deed!
    lamaisonfou blog

  17. Thanks for inspiring us all to do out little bit. xo

  18. Thank you for rounding up the troops. My piece is up on my blog.

  19. thank you meg for the brilliant idea! i am a little late to the party, but have just posted something on my site's "journal". keep up the excellent work.

  20. Thank you seems like such a small word for all that you did to make so many of us aware! I too made today's post about April Food Day. One spoon at a time we can make a big difference. All my best and may your day be a golden one!! xoxo

  21. Thank you for your leadership with this very worthy cause! Many people are taking up the cause.

  22. Congratulations on this wonderful effort! What a good feeling it was to be a part of something good. Many thanks to you and E&EL :-)

  23. Excellent idea and worthwhile cause. Way to go!

  24. Happy to participate. Thanks for the motivation.

  25. Fantastic idea! We are so much happier to participate in this than any April Fools joke.

  26. Congratulations Meg, and Chris on a wonderful and successful plan. Happy April Food Day.

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