March 8, 2009

Abbott on Baldwin

If you remember, last year, I attended a lecture on Maison Jansen by the curator of Baltimore's Evergreen House. This year's lecture is on Baltimore's own Billy Baldwin.
Here's the copy from the brochure:
The gates of Evergreen had opened up a whole new world to me. There I was surrounded by the best art and music…I knew I could never return to the life I had led before.” So wrote Baltimore-born Billy Baldwin (1903–1983)—“dean of decorators” of the post-war era—after one of his many visits to the Garrett home. Evergreen Museum & Library director-curator James Abbott will explore the wisdom, versatility, and occasional wickedness of the Monument City’s most recognized interior decorator, and examine the unique relationship between Baldwin’s home town and his still-influential design vocabulary, which melded common sense practicality with the fastidious precision of a gentleman’s tailor.

Abbott has previously held the position of curator at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, The Baltimore Museum of Art, Boscobel Restoration, Inc., and Historic Hudson Valley. His publications include: Jansen Furniture (2007) and Jansen (2006), both published by Acanthus Press.
The lecture is at the Evergreen House on Tuesday, March 25 and tickets are $20. For more information, click here. I am sure that this lecture will be every bit as brilliant as last year's Maison Jansen one was!


  1. Linda/ "Mom..."March 8, 2009 at 1:02 PM

    *** The late, the GREATEST BB was my first "IDOL" in the world of design *** Read my first BB book and was "hooked forever". It's here, SOMEWHERE in this house right now, mannnny-times-read, dog-eared-to-pieces, highlighted everywhere, tired and worn (probably like I'M getting to be!). This just reminded me I must go find it, and read it yet once again, just to make this particular early Sunday a.m. "perfect, relaxing & fun"! I adored his flair and personal style, and his WRITING was SOOOOOO like just sitting down and sharing a cup of tea (with bees on it, of course!)... THANK YOU, Linda/ RMS's "Mom of a German Shorthair"

  2. Meg, if you attend the lecture, please post you're thoughts. I'd love to hear (rather, read) them.

  3. Soodie... I got my tickets this morning and can't wait to hear Jim talk about Billy!

  4. one thing about controversy-(and nice to reinforce youve got great friends-lucky you)it brings me to your post- though I didnt read the nasty comments from the party post. I don't like nasty and since I am new to the blog world-I would like to see whats going on and great on other posts no negativity. (by the way the party looked like fun!) But this is great!- I see you are going to be there-Lucky you(again) and I am positive there will be something new we need to know about the Maestro- cant wait for your post! G.


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