March 13, 2008

Topics of Interest

... to me, anyway! I spent a fun evening categorizing my previous posts. I know you're all dead jealous of my scores of scores at the Book Thing, and I know it kills you to have to scroll through month after month of posts to find that treasure I showed you in July. I may add some more topics as I move forward, and will appreciate any ideas you have for additional topics.
As always, thank you so very much for reading Pigtown*Design. I really appreciate your input.


  1. Ah! You are an inspiration! I need to do this so badly. Right after this auction I am going through mine. It's like a messy closet; no one knows but me, but it still bugs me.

  2. Now i'm curious why people have sex *lol*
    Thanks for reminding me to return libary books!

  3. Now that you've crossed that off your list I expect Elliot Spitzer to be calling you for a consult any day now.

  4. You're welcome! I love reading your blog.



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