March 11, 2008

Doors of the World

Frank, at My Paint Box, is holding a Doors of the World day on Wednesday, March 12th. There is a list of other participating bloggers on his site. I found about it by a circuitous route, via An Aesthete's Lament, then to The House in Marrakesh and then to My Paint Box. Whew!

I always take photos of doors and have done so for years. When I lived in the UK, I had tons of images of doors and doorways, which are all now lost. I went through some of my photo albums and came up with the following doors. I hope you enjoy them.

This is a wonderful doorway into some gardens in Cirencester in Gloucs. in the UK. My cousins live nearby, and this is always a touchstone when I am there. The hedge along the wall is about 20' high and has been growing for years.

I am sure that lots of other people are posting this doorway in Rome. It's close to the Spanish Steps and is just hilarious! The windows are similar, which makes it even funnier. I can just imagine coming home and walking through this door. It would always make me laugh.

To me this door typifies the UK to me. A shiny black surround and then a beautiful shiny door. This is at a family friend's house in Norfolk, UK. There's a lovely millpond behind the house and when digging in the cellar, the family found a Roman helmet.

This is another doorway in Rome. We were walking down a quiet little street near Piazza Navona and heard a dog barking. We looked through the gate and saw this fellow. I love the way the light comes from the right side and brightens up the doorways.

A couple of years ago, I was in Oxford about this time of year. It was a bit rainy and foggy, but everything was glowing green. We were walking through the colleges and came across this enfilade of doors. The rain on the steps helps give the illusion of depth.

When I Marry Adventure, I know where I want to get married ... in the tiny church of St. Mary & St. David at Kilpeck (Llanddewi Cil Peddeg) along the Welsh borders. It was built in 1140. One of my American cousins living in the UK took us there and we all fell in love. It's surrounded by the most amazing, almost Disney-like carvings just below the roofline. But the door is spectacular with its iron strapping.

As I look at these doors, I realize that they all have a similar architectural look. Then it hit me - they all look like the door of the house where I lived growing up. It was a wide door, with long sidelights and a fanlight over the top. It had beautiful ironwork over the glass on the main door and the whole door weighed a ton! I wish I had a photo of the door...


  1. Love the doors! When we drove from Ft. Lauderdale to West Palm beach area in Florida, we drove along the ocean and intercoastal. Every single mansion had the most amazing gates. I really wanted to stop and take a photo of each one and then make a coffee table book with all the gates...ha

  2. Greetings from a Brit - these are a great collection. I have one from Oxford, too....only its a telephone box!

  3. Great doors! Very cool. I can't wait until everyone has posted.
    Thanks for joining us.

  4. Wow these are great! Each one has its own unique mystery!


  5. I loved all the doors - especially the England and Rome ones.
    I've never seen the evil door mouth - but it's pretty amazing.
    I'm originally from England and miss it sometimes - the door from Norfolk was quite lovely.

  6. That face door is INCREDIBLE! . . . I participated with a Baltimore door :)


  7. You have captured some incredible doors and portals -- each with character and personality. And rich with history!

  8. I have a bit of an obsession with doors! What a great blog, will be stopping back.

  9. You have found beatiful doors - and if they remind you of your childhood door, that one must have been beatiful too.

  10. Fairfax- Each and every one is unique and beautiful!!! Great job!

  11. great doors! I love the one in Rome!! i have been through almost all of the posts and this is the first i have seen this one. too funny. i would love to live at this door. just to be able to give directions to my home and describe the door, they wouldn't understand until they saw it...

  12. Beautiful doors!
    I am so excited about finding Roman doors here that I know well (Rome was for many years my home town).
    Thank you for sharing! :-)

  13. Such beautiful doors have caught your eye and I love them all. Lucky for me that the Doors of the World have opened to show me your work and world. I'm enjoying this trip around the globe and meeting such wonderful artists and bloggers. Best wishes.

  14. Well, I've learned a new word (enfilade!) as well as viewing your marvelous collection of doors! I think the enfilade is my favorite shot, though it's hard to top that Roman door...

  15. I enjoyed looking at your photos. thank you very much!


  16. Lovely post! There is a guy on flickr who has a collection of photos of Georgian doors in London...they are beautiful. As are these!

  17. I LOVE the first door! So beautiful!

  18. This post is lovely. Such great images. Thanks for visiting and for linking me back here.

    The perspective and subtle tones in the Oxford shot are wonderful.

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