March 20, 2008

Talking About Colour

When I wrote about our Balti-blog Meet Up, I mentioned Rachel, who writes the blog on colour, called Hue Consulting. She had told us that she'd been interviewed by Annie Groer of the Washington Post for a story on paint colours. Rachel is a member of the International Association of Colour Consultants. The article, Talking Abour Colour, is in the Post today, with a great photo of Rachel, who went to DC to be photographed. Good on ya, Rachel!
Image: Washington Post


  1. aw, shucks. thanks for the support!
    nice little promo for my beloved iMac computer to boot! ;-)

  2. I love how the Post has followed blogging and doesn't really hold its nose up like most 'serious' news media does!

  3. Rachel the photo looks great. I noticed it right away :)


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