April 18, 2013

Process v. Product

My friend David is a huge talent, as I have said many times before. He and I are a lot alike in that we’re process-type people. You’re generally either a process person or a product person. Both of us love the process of learning some new technique and revel in the trials and errors that lead to the learning. But generally, once we’ve mastered the process, we move on to something else. Product people don’t like the process as much, but they love the end product.

David’s recently been working on perfecting a technique for parchment for pieces of his furniture line at McLain-Wiesand. IMG_4161Real parchment is hugely expensive and unpredictable to work with, and he needed something that would produce the same look on each piece he made. IMx_4161Suffice to say, after a lot of trial and error, he succeeded. Through a super-secret process, he figured out how to create a parchment surface. And then to stain it so it looks like aged leather.

Or maybe it looks like burled wood.

For my part, I love learning new techniques and will make several iterations of a thing, different colours, perhaps, or different finishes. But once I’ve mastered the craft, or recipe, or skill, I feel the need to move on to something else, much to the chagrin of my family.

What about you? Are you a process person or a product person?


  1. You should see the pile of rejected samples of the faux parchment in the shop, must be in the hundred's!

  2. I'm not sure, but I think that I am a process person. I do love seeing my labors result in an end product. And I love the interaction of promoting the product.

  3. David's work is exquisite.

    Me? My love of the product has much to do with the quality of the process.

  4. Ever since I started following your blog, I've felt that we are kindred spirits. I love learning to make things and to experiment with color and texture and process. I've taken lesson and/or taught myself everything from knitting to upholstery to leatherwork to painting and refinishing furniture to jewelry making and glass lamp work. I've even explored covering furniture in real parchment and found a source for the hides, but it is expensive. A friend pointed out that I am a process person when I told her that although she and I have been knitting for years and I rarely make things for others (the exception being baby booties), the only thing in my closet that I had knit was a pair of fair isle mittens!
    I would love to see David's pieces in person. Can you tell me where I would go (I live in DC)?

  5. I think I am a product person.(Funny, never thought of it before.) I am always asking for patience + I have none. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  6. That hedgehog is so cute! So much better than a pinecone. The furniture is also divine, but I may be able to do the hedgehog!

  7. I'm definitely a process person and I'm glad to know I'm not alone. I once decided I wanted to learn how to knit so I could say I made my own scarf. I found someone to teach me but I decided I was done with knitting very quickly. I love my knitted potholder though.

    I love the dark finish. Really beautiful!

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