April 16, 2013


I love camellias! They’re one of my favourite flowers, and we’re lucky here in Baltimore to be just at the northern-most edge of where they’ll grow. In fact, a few miles north of where I live, in the more suburban sections of Baltimore, it’s just too cold during the winters for them.

All of this is in light of the lovely gift I received when I went to walk Connor first thing in the morning. An old school friend had left the most beautiful pink camellias on my front porch! She lives just a few blocks from me, and when I had admired her camellias on Facebook, she was kind enough to share some with me, along with some Japanese Andromeda, which is about two months late this year. The camellias are also very late this year… along with everything else. We’ve got forsythia blooming at the same time the trees are flowering. aprilI found a celadon vase and thought the flowers would look perfect in it. camellia1I am such a lucky gal to have friends who send me flowers, and who deliver flowers from their gardens right to my door!

Thanks so much!


  1. Now that's right neighborly.

  2. The pictures are simply stunning and amazingly well shot.I just cant stop my self to halt here and leave this comment. Very Well done and Great job.Architectural Designer

  3. You are indeed lucky to have friends who deliver camellias and to have such a beautiful
    celadon vase to put them in!!!! BTW is your header of wisteria blooming now? That's a bit early for that too. It is in bloom here in Va.
    Thank you for you beautiful photos. It seems most of the other blogs I am following are not posting photograpy any more.

  4. Camellias are blooming here in S. CA right now-they also were in NW florida + they grow like trees in the south much smaller bushes here in S CA. We use to hide in the trees as children in Pensacola-I am sure that pleased my parents! They were called Camellias or Japonica's(sp) What a sweet neighbor. Love the header!xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  5. Well, that's a friend for life in my book!
    Peggy, I am from Mississippi and I too remember playing in camellia and azalea "trees". It's like your own private wonderland!


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