April 30, 2013

High Point: The Major Trends

Because I am not in the design industry, I think that it’s fascinating to wander around High Point Furniture Market and see all of the new trends, well before they appear in your local furniture store. You start getting glimpses of some of these trends in the shelter magazines, and somehow, all of the furniture companies, fabric houses and others in the industry are on the same page. If you hover over the images, you can see which showroom the pieces are from (look all the way at the end of the string of numbers and letters). Here are some of the major trends I noticed:

Black and white.

Lots of lush shades of blue, from powder to peacock.

Bright cheerful colours like coral, lime green, pink and orange.

Gorgeous purples of every hue.

Tomorrow, I will show you some of the amazing details and incredible workmanship that I saw.


  1. Hi,

    Can you share the names of the manufacturers you were showing? I liked some of the pieces for a particular client.

    Many thanks,


    1. Michael... if you let me know what piece it is, i can tell you which showroom it was from. most of this was from Aerin, Thibaut, Hooker, Four Hands, CR Laine, and Lillian August. I used to be able to label the images so you could mouse-over and see the label, but now it's embedded in a string of numbers and letters. Try hovering over the image and then looking for a link that pops up. If you right click on the image, and look in the link, you should see one of the names above. Otherwise, email me.

  2. So much chevron. Still. I wonder if the general public (civilians) are just now embracing a trend the design blogoshpere is leaving behind.

    1. Isn't that always the way? I think that consumers are more comfortable with chevron now in large part because they've seen Mary McDonald using it so well on that Million Dollar Designers show on Bravo. But I agree; I'm bored with it already -- and I think it is going to look "date-stamped" 2012.

    2. I wonder if we're all over-saturated because we read so many blogs and magazines, probably more than the average consumer. By the time a trend hits the stores, and is the hot new thing, we're so over it, because we've been seeing it on blogs for months.

  3. You busy bee! Where do you get your energy, you got a lot accomplished in a short trip. Thank you for showing us what is ahead.
    I am thrilled with all the color and of course, black and white. ( that means my kitchen wont be dated for a bit longer!)

    1. Lots of coffee! I loved all of the bright colours!

  4. Hi Meg,
    I am loving the trends and color palettes seen at High Point!!
    This is definitely on my travel list!

    Art by Karena

  5. Hi Meg,
    It is wonderful to see colors coming back...natural linen is great, but not very stimulating. As for me, I want that coral leather love seat!!
    Thanks for the update--I just had a pair of chairs done in black; so I must be tuned in. Love the photos.

  6. I see a lot of things I like. Big Chevron would not be one of them, but that's OK. I like that spiffy two-tone dresser from Hooker a lot. It reminds me of the sleek enameled-steel bedroom suite that Norman bel Geddes designed for Simmons back in 1933, most of which pieces seem to have been stripped down to the metal finish in the last few years.

    I also like that lime green console with the Gothick trim and the pair of spool chairs from C.R. Laine. I've got the exact same chairs in my shop, although mine have a rubbed mahogany finish. I remember the days when you couldn't give away spool-style lounge chairs--not the Victorian originals, anyway, even though you couldn't beat them for comfort. I think it was Mark Hampton who brought spool pieces back into fashion in the late 1980s, in one of his early furniture collections for Hickory Chair. At any rate, I love them, and in this crisp white finish, they make of me think of the freshened-up hand-me-down furniture in the big old Shingle-Style summer place that I was supposed to own by now. What happened?

  7. Don't tell me that you like that stripy blue satin gilt Frenchified chair!

    I liked the green sofa with soft arms and the claret one below the Diebenkorn style abstract was OK; don't find those chevron chairs easy to live with, I'd soon cover them up with something plainer and more restful.




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