April 24, 2013

High Point, Day 3

After a 12-hour day at the office, right on the heels of returning from High Point, I’ve barely had time to look at the 350+ pictures I took on Day 3 at High Point! But I did manage to pick a few highlights to tease you with!I purposely didn’t schedule any appointments for my last day at the Market because I wanted to have a chance to wander around and explore. I started at InterHall, where there are many of the smaller vendors, and where you can often find the most creative and cutting edge pieces. Like this Yeti chair… or maybe not.

After InterHall, I met up with the fabulous Katie, from the blog Katie D-I-D! We headed over to Wesley Hall and CR Laine. Two hours later, with our jaws just hanging open at the gorgeousness of it all, and a wonderful personal tour from CR Laine’s VP of Everything in the Creative Realm (or something like that), I headed home.

Once I finish editing the hundreds of pictures, and find the themes from the market, I will be sharing that with you. Meanwhile, several evening meetings, and my new job have me scrambling for spare time this week!


  1. Hi Meg, I love Katie D!!! What a fun day you must have had with her. And I love that chinoiserie pagoda tiered lantern....I would love to find a couple of them...will start hunting.
    Hope you get caught up and rested ASAP. xoxox

  2. The chinese pagoda made into a lamp is stunning. Great finds. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  3. Oh. My. Gawd. A HAIRY CHAIR. Gotta have it! Come over to my blog, when you get a second. I'm building a PARTY BUNKER and I need your vote on which design to choose. Also, you have to bring something delicious to eat and drink, so get your mouse over to my place and join the party!! (This is all an effort to avoid seeing or hearing any spoilers for the upcoming season of BBC's "Sherlock".. at least, that's how it started.) Now it's just an out-of-control free for all. COME ONE COME ALL!


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