April 15, 2013

No Words

baltimore supports boston

Thinking of all of those who were affected by the tragic event in Boston.


  1. Yes, no words can possibly express our sadness. But love and the knowledge that we are all one can overcome tragedy. Prayers for healing and strength and courage to all.

  2. It was sweet of you to check in. Bloggers are THE BEST! As sad and scary as it was, it was comforting to receive e-mails from the around the world from my extended family.

  3. Michele from BostonApril 16, 2013 at 3:49 PM

    Thanks, Meg. A quiet day today after all of the horror yesterday. Tough to take the details about those who perished and were injured as they dribble out today. It will never be the same. One family was particularly hard hit. M.


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