April 23, 2013

High Point, Day 2

Another glorious day in High Point! Once again, a brief wrap up until I can edit the 456 pictures I took today! Over the next week or so, there will be detailed posts about the trends I saw, the things that I liked and the people I met.  

I started the day with a lecture by Aerin Lauder, heiress to the cosmetics company. She’s launched a line of home furnishings, which are really lovely.

From there, I headed over to Four Hands to see what was new there. One thing that’s new is that they’re now working with Van Thiel who is now part of their stable of companies!

Following that, I went to meet with Hooker Furniture, who sponsors me for the market. Once again, they hit it out of the park!

ScalamandrĂ© was debuting their line of linens and more, so I popped on for that event, where I tried their lethal sangria!And checked out company president, Steven Stolman’s fabulous loafers!

A serendipitous meeting lead me to B. Viz, the maker of some simply stunning pillows!I adore old textiles, so it was a real pleasure to meet her and learn about her pillows.

I wandered by Halo, and had a chance to have a long conversation with their stylist, who does amazing things for them. This was a huge urn filled with live roses. I love the Winston Churchill heads on the bed of wheat grass.

All in all, a great day. Nothing on the schedule for Tuesday but wandering around and seeing some new things and then making the six-hour drive back to Baltimore.


  1. The Churchill busts are killing me!

  2. I'm loving the blue and white. Hopefully, rich traditional design with antique furnishings is making a come-back. I love modern, but it can be a bit sterile. Can't wait for the rest of the photos.

  3. Hopefully it's ONLY 6 hours! good luck!!!

  4. I'm sort of weirdly attracted to that van seat turned into a couch thingie. Bizarre!

  5. The Churchill busts + all the blue & white is stunning. Safe drive home. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  6. Can't wait to see more pics. Visited a new shop in St. Michaels over the weekend. Put some pics on the blog and the owner responded from High Point. Wave to Mark Palmer of american/holiday if you see him. LOL!

  7. Love those slippers with the Scalamandre zebras, facing each other, no less.


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