April 30, 2013

High Point: The Details

One of the things I notice are details. I love seeing that little bit of extra effort someone puts in to make a piece that much more special. The right detail can elevate a piece to something really special.

Here are some details I noticed.

From the Keno Brothers’ collection. The pattern of the piece continues inside the drawers.
From Theodore Alexander, the incredible details on this table with dozens of types of woods.

From Aerin Lauder, this wonderful, but tiny anemone with brilliants at the tip of each tentacle.

From the charming B. Viz, these extraordinary pillows with antique embroidery and applique. The Taj Mahal is embroidered in silver threads which have tarnished over the years.

From Hooker Furniture, the mock croc detail on this fabulous chair.
Again from Hooker, the strap handle in metal, on this dresser. They’re doing the most beautiful hardware on their pieces.

From Wesley Hall, the detailing on the arm of this sofa.

From Scalamandré, the custom Stubbs & Wooten loafers that company president Steven Stolman was wearing.

From Halo, the piano top covered with candlesticks that were part display and part merchandise (and which the fire marshall wouldn’t let them keep lit!)A couple more posts about High Point coming – at least one will be about the amazing floral displays in the showrooms.


  1. Hi Meg, I couldn't agree more: it is all in the details!!
    Love that Hooker chair.

  2. I think I'd have to leave that drawer empty and open.

  3. I love seeing all of these details! As always, you have a great eye for picking them out. What a delight to open that drawer and see the pattern repeated inside!


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